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Reported by Nancy - June 3, 2005 -

Today's edition (6/3) of FNC's daytime "hard news" program included next to no "hard news" & only one interview segment that's worth mentioning because it's a great example of the UNfair & UNbalanced technique so common on Fox. Silve lining: Greg Jarrett was in for David Asman, so at least there was no "Asman Observer."

The one interesting interview segment:
12:22pm - Jarrett noted that Bush said he'd find someone "of a similar termperament" to replace Rehnquist as Chief Justice of SCOTUS, then interviewed Bill Kristoll (reactionary ideologue) about his "short list":
*Michael Luttig - served in first Bush admin, most confrontational pick, ("I'd love to see that fight")
*James Wilkinson - "little less bold" than Luttig
*John Roberts - used to clerk for Rehnquist
*Michael McConnell - UChicago Law School, not dogmatic
Kristol liked the idea that Scalia would be made Chief Justice & McConnell would replace Scalia, noting it would be hard for Dems to oppose him (he was nearly rubbing his hands with glee when he cited a "bitterly divided" Senate & "idological litmus test"). Jarrett said that Bob Beckel (Dem strategist) speculated that Attorney General AGonzalez is the "real" pick, but Kristol dismissed that, saying that if Bush wanted to nominate a Hispanic he'd probably pick Judge Garza from TX.

Comment: So much for "fair & balanced" -- one guest, whose statements, claims & assertions go unchallenged & whose opinions are presented to viewers as "hard news".

Miscellaneous fluff included:
12:16om - Jarrett read some short blurbs (settlement offer re iPod batteries, MJackson) that segued into even shorter teasers (possible kidnapping, weather)
12:20pm - ALERT - "gaunt-looking" MJackson arrived at courthouse
12:26pm - teasers: MJackson; tense standoff betw Japan & South Korea; surveillance videotape in Los Angeles shows man abducting woman
12:29pm - Page Hopkins read headlines: "scare in the air" was false alarm; clashes in Ramallah between IDF & Palestinian protesters against "barrier"; Turkey determined to be member of EU; oil rig explodes in KA.
12:31pm - Trace Gallagher re MJackson
12:34pm - Eric Shawn "exclusive" report that Joseph Stephanides, the "first guy fired from the UN" over the Oil-for-Food "scandal" insists he's a scapegoat & Fox News has "uncovered evidence" that may bolster his case [comment: why are they looking for evidence to "bolster" this guy's case?]
12:36pm - video of "high seas showdown" between Japan & South Korea
12:36pm - teasers: MJackson; search for 9-year-old boy "comes to a tragic end"; "surveillance videotape" may show man abducting woman
12:39pm - ALERT - mother of Natalie Holloway (white US teen missing in Aruba) wants more help from feds
12:40pm - David Gonzales remains found, boys father believes he was abducted by sexual predator
12:41pm - Jarrett interviewed Stan Goldman & 3 attorneys re MJackson, ending with a teaser for The O'Reilly Factor tonight
12:46pm - teasers: "master thief" will talk about how he "charmed his way" into celeb circles; severe storms
12:50pm - Jarrett interviewed Bill Mason about his new biographical book, "Confessions of a Master Jewel Thief"
12:54pm - Janice Dean weather report
12:55pm - teasers: national spelling bee; police need your help to identify attacker "caught on videotape"; Dayside
12:58pm - national spelling bee winner

General comment: I honestly don't know which is worse: the Monday-Thursday editions of FNL when David Asman pretends to report actual "hard news", or the Friday edition, when FNC dumps fluff all over whichever poor schmuck is sitting in for Asman.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (Jarrett's interview with Kristol, or the issue of fluff masquerading as "hard news"). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.