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Teen Sex and Cocaine

Reported by Nancy - June 2, 2005 -

Yesterday (6/1) on DaySide, Linda Vester dedicated a segment to ground-breaking condom commercials that, for the first time, will be airing during prime-time on major networks.

Vester interviewed two guests, Joe Giganti, a conservative who is currently working for the Veritas Media Group (he was also the national media strategist for Alan Keyes' 2000 Presidential campaign) and media analyst Steve Adubato. Giganti began the "discussion" by comparing condoms to cocaine: "Would you make the same argument to your son if he was addicted to cocaine? Our drug ads, our smoking ads say just don't do it. They don't say do it at home, do it the safe way. They tell you not to do it because it's dangerous to your mental and physical health, and there's no difference here with pre-marital sex and teenagers."

Comment: Cocaine is classified as a Class A drug and is illegal in most countries. At last check, teen sex was neither outlawed nor found to be addictive.

Giganti continued "Look at the science, condoms don't even prevent the spread of STDs, that's not science fiction, that's science fact".

Comment: According to the National Institutes of Health "The condom is sold over-the-counter and when used properly is an inexpensive, effective barrier to pregnancy and sexually-transmitted disease." (While the NIH does mention that condoms are not 100% effective, they credit the failures to improper usage. If they are used properly, they become 97% effective.

Giganti finished his argument with "They gloss over the fact that the only real protection is abstinence."

Comments: This is a direct stance of the Bush administration. Under President Bush, all federally funded sex education programs must teach abstinence only, and are barred from discussing contraception even with 60% of teens having sex before they turn 18. What Giganti fails to mention are statistics. When President Bush was Governor of Texas he instituted the abstinence-only sex-ed programs within the state. Texas now has the highest teen pregnancy birth rate of any state in the union and also one of the highest STD rates among teenagers.

Throughout the entire segment, Giganti continuously shouted over Adubato and would not let him get his arguement across. Vester did not admonish him, and his loud opinion virtually became the only opinion. Because Adubato was unable to make his case, the facts were not presented to the audience, and Vester allowed the Bush administration's stance on the issue to be the only one that came across crystal clearly.

Reported by: Janie