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Could Watergate Happen Today?

Reported by Ellen - June 2, 2005 -

Last night former senator and presidential candidate George McGovern briefly visited Alan Colmes' radio show to discuss the recent revelation of Deep Throat's identity. The interview only lasted about 25 minutes (as compared to a full hour devoted to a debate over the appropriateness of condom ads on TV) but Colmes' questions and McGovern's insightful, "tell it like it is" answers got straight to the point that what happened during Watergate 30+ years ago has a lot of relevance today.

One of the first things McGovern and Colmes noted was that the Watergate break-in occurred almost five months before the election and got very little press coverage from the mainstream media. Woodward and Bernstein were the only reporters who thought the story, a small item in the back of the Washington Post, worth pursuing. The networks and major metropolitan newspapers didn't give it much coverage until after Nixon had won the election by a landslide. Once again, the myth of the liberal media was debunked.

From there, Colmes drew parallels to the situation in Iraq and the failure of the US media to properly investigate Bush's claims about the need to go to war.

McGovern called the war in Iraq "a fraudulent war that was sold to the American people on false ground" and "worse than anything that Nixon did."

He added, "One thing about Nixon is that he never pretended to be a saint... He never wrapped himself in the cloak of holiness like Bush has done. This man claims to be a Christian. He claims to be following the will of God and then he misleads the whole nation on a totally fraudulent enterprise in Iraq." He decried the loss of American and Iraqi lives and asked, "And for what? What is the purpose of this war?... We're making terrorism worse by invading a country right in the heart of the Arab world without any cause."

A caller asked if we need a Deep Throat in government today. McGovern said he has been thinking that. "I wish there were somebody of the Deep Throat kind in this administration."

Colmes commented that Nixon was run out of office for, essentially, lying about a burglary and fiddling around with "certain agencies like the FBI and the CIA" whereas there are allegations about Bush manipulating the CIA and John Bolton, nominated to be UN Ambassador tampering with intelligence agents in order to get results he wanted and "nobody blinks." (Not to mention starting a war under false pretenses, an attorney general looking for ways to call torture legal and the whole administration falling down on the job with regard to 9/11.) "Would Nixon get away with what he did if it occurred today?" Colmes asked. Good question.

After McGovern left, the rest of the hour was devoted to open phones. Most of the callers echoed concerns about the misdeeds of the Bush Administration and the need for them to be held accountable. Colmes' callers tend to be more conservative than liberal so I took yesterday's trend as a good omen.

Al in North Carolina said the question is not whether we could have a Deep Throat today but could we have a Woodward and Bernstein today, given the state of today's media?

Colmes said, "That's a better question."

I agree but at least part of the answer is clear: Not on FOX News.