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Hillary vs. Laura 2008? Bring it on!

Reported by Chrish - June 1, 2005

John Gibson had Matthew Dowd, former Bush/Cheney campaigner, and former Senator Dennis DiConcini (D-AZ) on The Big Story yesterday 5/31/05 to discuss a new book about Bill Clinton. It was predictably easy to see which way the segment would go when Gibson intoned "Former President Bill Clinton exposed. A new book details his emotional fender benders with his wife and his vice-president. The book ... also describes an agressive side of Bill Clinton that we rarely saw out in public. Is this an accurate portrayal of the former commander-in-chief, and what will it do to his legacy?"

Gibson colored the discussion further with "the picture I get of Bill Clinton is kind of the locker-room Bill, yelling, sometimes profane, y'know much more aggressive, but that isn't so much of a surprise, is it?"

DeConcini responded in kind with "Well I don't think it's any more surprising than Dick Cheney using the four-letter F-word on the Senate floor. Nobody made a big deal about that. If the President loses his temper maybe he had some reason to do that. I don't see a big deal here, John. I think it's another effort by Republicans and especially this White House to do everything they can to hate Clinton. They love to hate Clinton. They don't know what to do if they don't have somebody to hate by the name of Clinton...(Gibson overtalks)...and they're building up for 2008 right now."

There's some back and forth about why she stayed with him, and her stick-to-it personality is cited as a challenge should she be a candidate in 2008. Gibson and Dowd both acknowledge that she is a smart, tenacious, powerful politician, and then John asks "What is (sic) all these revelations about what was going on in the backstage at the WH, not that it was so hard to imagine, but what does it all give you in terms of figuring out how to prepare for Hillary Clinton?"

Dowd says it might be a good read (he hasn't read it yet himself) but that 2008 will be decided on issues, policies and vision. DeConcini agrees, saying it won't have any bearing on that election.

Gibson segues with "But something else is." It came up the other night on television interview with Lynn Cheney who said a good possibility to run in 2008 should be Laura Bush.

DeConcini thinks it would be great; it would lower the nastiness. Dowd agrees it would be great, calling Laura Bush one of the best First Ladies we've ever had, but he doesn't know if that's what she wants. But he would go to work for her because of the kind of person she is.

Comment: So that's all Republicans require, huh, a certain type of personality, no previous experience necessary. That would explain the disasterous presidency of C-student-swell-guy Shrub.

Gibson did not succeed with his transparent attempts to incite against Bill and Hillary. Maybe even Republican strategists are tiring of the Clinton-bashing. Gibson and Fox need a new shtick.

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