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Happy Memorial Day!

Reported by Nancy - May 30, 2005 -

Apparently, FNL's idea of a good way to celebrate Memorial Day (5/30) is just more of the same. The same rants, the same guests, the same ALERTs over nothing, the same fear-mongering combined with eye candy ("home under attack caught on videotape!", "young boy swept away in a flood!"). One interviews, however, is worth noting -- conducted, of course, by David Asman.

12:23pm (ET) - Asman interviewed Bob Beckel (Dem "strategist") & Mark Williams (radio talk show host). Asman called the arrest of Ronald Grecula a "victory" & said the NYTimes says Grecula is a "small fish", then asked if the PATRIOT ACT is working. Beckel said the case against Grecula looks like entrapment to him, & described how Grecula has no background supporting the charges brought against him (e.g., no knowledge of explosives). Asman sneered "Ah so it's all about entrapment" & Williams went off on a tangent, claiming that the "only difference between this guy & Timoth McVeigh" is that Grecula got caught. He suggested that "if something is wrong with the PATRIOT ACT" people should "challenge it in court." Asman chimed in that Grecula "was saying stuff". Beckel opined that Grecula "probably doesn't have all his marbles" & Asman said that even so he "can still do harm." Beckel said McVeigh had a background (he learned to handle explosives in the military) but "this guy does not" & added that it's a "question of priorities." He noted that the whole case started with a "tip from a guy" who was in prison with Grecula. Williams went into rant mode, putting words in Beckel's mouth (he claimed Beckel said a military background was required to be a terrorist) & ending up with "You & the Democrats should be helping us" [comment: there's that "US" again] but "you are siding with them." Beckel denied saying that a military background was required to be a terrorist & had a good comeback -- "when conservatives use the PATRIOT ACT to attack the left, it reeks of jingoism & McCarthyism" -- but the damage was done, the interview was hijacked, & Williams continued to foam at the mouth [comment: my personal fave: OBL never served a day in a uniform].

Comment: I've said it before & I'll say it again, because FNL keeps doing it: what's the point of a guest like Mark Williams? What expertise or knowledge does he bring to any topic? His job as a "radio talk show host" merely requires that he mouth off, loudly -- which is exactly what he did during this "interview." Anyone like Beckel, who actually has some background on the topic at hand, should simply refuse to appear opposite these kinds of "guests". Asman made one weak attempt to shut Williams up & let Beckel respond, but he was clearly enjoying the fight.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (Asman's interview with Beckel & Willaims). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.