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Fox's disconnect regarding the "War on terror"

Reported by Chrish - May 30, 2005

Page Hopkins read the headlines at the top of the hour this Memorial Day, 5/30/05, before Special Report began proselytizing in earnest. There was a striking contradiction between what she was saying, what we were seeing, and what was rolling by on the bottom of the screen.

Page first read that Abu-masad Al-Zarqawi had posted audio on the Internet saying that he is wounded but "the terror leader tells his ally, Usama Bin Laden, his wounds are minor. The message counters reports that Zarqawi was seriously hurt. The tape's authenticity could not be immediately verified."

Comment: This is either sloppy or outright bogus. There are no tapes to verify for an Internet audio posting.

While Page read that the two leading US targets are communicating and apparently not grievously injured, the scroll across the bottom of the screen read, in essence, that former Soviet leader Gorbachev warns of a new arms race, and nuclear weapons are "again being used as feasible weapons of power."

Page's voice dropped slightly as she reported that Bush went to Arlington National Cemetery today, laying the ceremonial wreath on the Tomb of the Unknowns. He spoke of the sacrifices made by today's military in Iraq and Afghanistan, "saying because of their sacrifice, two terrorist regimes are gone forever." "Freedom is on the march and America is more secure." *

Comment: I know he is speaking of Sadddam Hussein's brutal dictatorship and am guessing he means the Taliban in Afghanistan as the other. What is glaringly obvious is that UBL, the purported mastermind of 9/11, is still viable, Al-Zarqawi, the purported leader of the insurgency in Iraq, is still viable, and they are in touch. Now with Russia jumping back on the nuke bandwagon, we are regressing to a time of nuclear build-up.

Of course Bush has to thank the young men and women and tell them it's all worth it, they're doing a great job, because he can't tell them the truth: he lied, he used them, and we as a nation are in much more danger from forces both outside and within than we were on 9/10.
*Addendum: Page did not read this last sentence. It appeared in the scroll about 6 minutes later. I made the intital post, with my comments, before seeing this.

Today I remembered my family's loss, on July 4, 1970. Carl didn't have a rich connected daddy to keep him from being drafted and sent to Viet Nam.

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