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Deja Vu All Over Again

Reported by Nancy - May 28, 2005 -

On 5/27 Jim Angle was in for Brit Hume. He cribbed the title line from Yogi Berra to introduce the first report, so I'm cribbing the line from him. It's particularly appropriate because Angle devoted the one-on-one interview segment to Mike Deaver for "A Look at the Reagan Years" (as though viewers hadn't had enough of that after last year's excesses).

Angle interviewed Mike Deaver (former deputy chief of staff to Reagan & author of a new book of esays: "Why I Am A Reagan Conservative") for "A Look at the Reagan Years". Angle bemoaned the current state of affairs in DC & asked "was it always this way?" Deaver said it's "sad for me to watch" & commented on how Tip O'Neill was "tough" & Reagan's philosophy was "engagement" but the two of them could be friends because the idea was that "you can disagree but you don't have to be disagreeable." Angle said that back then there were lots of serious issues & policy disputes so "how did they avoid nastiness?" Deaver said that Reagan "wouldn't allow it" because "he charmed people" & he "came at everything from a philosophical standpoint, it was never about him." Angle mentioned an upcoming conference ("Progressives Taek Back America") which gave Deaver the opportunity to hit a GOP talking point (people don't know what Dem candidates stand for) which he then contrasted to Reagan, saying that a lot of people disagreed with Reagan but no one ever said he didn't know what Reagan stood for. Deaver added that when Reagan first got into politics the GOP was divided & Reagan "cut through that by being consistent for 40 years." After some more eulogizing, Angle asked if there were "any lesson for today" & Deaver repeated his prescriptions: you can disagree but don't be disagreeable, & "constant engagement."

Comment: My alternate title for this post was: "When in Doubt, Drag Reagan Out." I invite readers to comment on whether I chose correctly & to come up with better titles of their own (if I like yours, I'll use it in future with full attribution unless you specify otherwise).

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (Special Report's paean to Reagan). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.