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Hey Fox - Out Yourself

Reported by Melanie - May 27, 2005

Ready? Backup a few hours and pretend it's 4:00 p.m. ET (May 27, 2005). You want to find out what happened in the business world today, you want to hear a summary of what happened this week, and you want to find out what to watch for next week. You grab a cup of coffee, some juice, maybe a glass of wine, a beer, or a rum and Coke (whatever), and plop into your favorite chair. You decide to watch "the most watched business news show on the planet," Your World w/Neil Cavuto. You've read Fox's description of the show on its website: "Your World with Neil Cavuto offers news and insight on Wall Street and other market activities, while wrapping up the business news of the day."

That sounds like just what you want, so you turn on the TV and you see:

-a FOX NEWS ALERT - Dagen McDowell reporting that Viagra might cause blindness.

-Dr. Isadore Rosen on whether or not Viagra causes blindness.

-FOX NEWS ALERT - Van Hipp, former deputy assistant secretary of the Army on whether al Zarqawi is dead or alive.

-Reporter Scott Heidler in Afghanistan interviewing two soldiers about how well things are going.

-News break.

-FOX NEWS ALERT - Report on the hospitalization of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.

-Interview with Dan Senor, former spokesperson for the Coalition Provisional Authority (under Dan Bremer) and now a Fox News employee, on King Fahd, and the ramifications of a regime change in Saudi Arabia.

-Interview with two soldiers in Iraq about how well things are going.

-Reporter Todd Connor on New York's Fleet Week.

-Roundtable on whether or not to invest in Nasdaq/tech stocks.

-FOX NEWS ALERT about both sides having rested in the Michael Jackson trial.

-Fox Stox - a 60 second spot in which Cavuto reports news about four or five businesses (today we saw more video of Paris Hilton in connection with a story about Yahoo).

-Interview with Bill Bennett on falling Republican poll numbers.

-FOX NEWS ALERT - Cavuto reports that Microsoft has "severed ties" with GOP lobbyist Ralph Reed.

-Biz Blast - a 60 second spot in which Cavuto reports news about four or five businesses.

-An interview with Brandon Gray, President of Box Office Mojo on the declining movie audience.

-Letters (and another opportunity to air that sexy Paris Hilton photo).

-Common Sense (the part reserved for Cavuto to officially state his opinion).

Comment: Whole lotta "business news," huh? I think Fox needs to rewrite its description of this show. I suggest something like: Business news is the cover under which we air this program. Though we say it's a "business news" show, it really isn't. We can't be up-front about how much politicking and propagandizing we do or how mindless some of our segments are (the more dumbed-down you are, the better), so we've gotta fake it. Come on by. If you don't know any better than to watch and be fooled into thinking you're watching a "business news" show (or even a "news" show), you're our kinda viewer and we'd love to have ya.

(I won't be posting next week so I'll "see you" on June 6. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend everyone. Support our troops. Bring them home.)

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