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Fluffed, Folded & Stuffed Into One Big Bag of Mindless Drivel

Reported by Nancy - May 27, 2005 -

Today (5/27) FNL's Friday edition was the usual mishmash of short blurbs, eye candy, gee-whiz graphics & next to no "hard news" at all. Rick Folbaum was in for David Asman, so at least there was no "Observer".

The last halg-hour of today's program is a microcosm of the general tone of the entire program:

12:32pm (ET) - teaser: police waiting for man on crane to get tired & fall off

12:35pm - Folbaum announced that the FDA investigating whether Viagra can make you blind & interviewed Dr Steven Garner (St Vincent Catholic Med Ctr)

12:43pm - video of wildfire in WA (with special hideous music) & flooding in CA to intro a weather report by Janice Dean, who started off by mentioning that it's Fleet Week in NYC ("Oh to be a single gal in this town, with all those Marines walking around!")

12:45pm - "runaway truck terrifies neighborhood in Philadelphia"

12:49pm - Jamie Colby reported on the "gorgeous gals" of "Hooter Heaven", with plenty of video of those "perky, smiley" (as one described herself) flight attendants. Colby said the company "insists it's all good clean family fun" & their new Vegas hotel will open in 2006. Folbaum commented there's "no shortage of flotation devices" on Hooter's flights, & Colby warned him to watch what he said because those Hooters girls are "tough" & he'd find himself "sitting next to the bathroom."

12:52pm - teasers: man on crane; Lindsay Lohan; summer blockbusters

12:55pm - Folbaum interviewed Robert Moritz (Parade magazine) about summer blockbusters. Moritz talked about the "eye candy" factor in these movies, noting that there's a lot of "blowing stuff up."

Comment: Be warned -- if you think this "style" is limited to FNL, they ran an ad at 12:54pm (ET) for their prime-time line-up tonight that billed H&C as a "Shoutfest".

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (FNL's Friday "style"). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.