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Lull the Masses with Sex, Lies, and More Sex (w/Thanks to Bill Moyers)

Reported by Melanie - May 26, 2005

When Neil Cavuto opened his "business news" show today (May 27, 2005) claiming that stocks were up because "al Zarqawi could be down," and that Fox is "abreast" of some news about Hooters Air "milking" its business concept, I knew it was going to be one of those alternate-reality kind of days on Your World. Sure enough, I was right.

Cavuto's opening line about al Zarqawi was, "Well, stocks up because Al Zarqawi could be down. Now, don't laugh. Why a key terror figure sidelined could be bringing investors in line." (Comment: Go to Bloomberg or Forbes, both conservative sites. You won't find one single headline linking al Zarqawi to today's market activity.)

The first segment was a report from Baghdad in which the reporter said there was some confusion about what was going on with al Zarqawi. Next came Lawrence Eagleburger who surmised that "they're in some trouble" but who provided no information whatsoever linking al Zarqawi to the stock market.

Next came Fox's Cal Thomas and The Nation's Ian Williams on whether or not France and Germany's economies are suffering (get this preposterous hypothesis) because they didn't support the US invasion of Iraq. Cavuto opened the segment, titled "Pop Goes the Weasels," by saying that their "economies can use all the help they can get," that they didn't support us in Iraq but Britain and Australia did and "now their economies are doing just fine."

After another Hooters promo in which Jamie Colby said she was "bursting" to tell the audience about the Hooters business plan, "even if it is a bit top heavy," a roundtable discussion about Warren Buffett, a news break, the CEO of Toll Brothers (who said there's no housing bubble), and another Hooters promo in which Cavuto said Hooters was "shaking up the industry," Jamie Colby finally gave her Hooters report, about the airline that has made good despite having everything "stacked against it."

Next came an interview with one of the founders of JibJab, another news break, an interview with two pilots who are fighting the rule that pilots must retire at age 60, the "Biz Blast" segment in which Cavuto delivers 6 second business news clips, and then a segment with Charles Payne of Wall Street Strategies (Comment: Check out Payne's website. Note Fox's logo at the top of his homepage.) based on a USAToday article titled, States take in record $600B. (Comment: The article doesn't give any real details (so typical). I'm looking forward to learning more.)

Cavuto introduced the segment by saying, "Well, maybe it's high time you demanded some tax money back from your state." Payne said, "The economy is turning around and it's reflected in the state coffers." He said it's "a testament to the Bush plan," and Cavuto said we've "got a rising tide lifting all folks." (Comment: I don't know about your state but my state is flat broke.)

To wrap it all up Cavuto read eight emails from people commenting on the extensive coverage he gave yesterday to Paris Hilton's new ad for Carl's Jr. Wednesday, Cavuto interviewed a Carl's Jr. executive while running the ad over and over again. Today, while Cavuto read the emails, he showed a picture like this with the words "Burger Babe" printed underneath.

Comment: So, the main themes for today were sex, the false claim that the stock market rose because al Zarqawi seems to be injured or dying, sex, the false claim that France and Germany are being punished for not supporting our war, sex, the false claim that the economy's doing great, and sex.

On May 15, 2005, in a speech he gave at The National Conference for Media Reform in St. Louis, Missouri, Bill Moyers said: "A free press is one where you're able to state the truth you're led to by the evidence." The evidence here shows that Fox News lies.

AMENDED 6/29/05

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