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Asman Blunders (Again), Refers to GOP as "We"

Reported by Nancy - May 26, 2005 -

Yesterday (5/25) FNL was positively giddy with elation over the Senate voting on Priscilla Owens' nomination. David Asman got so excited he slipped while interviewing Sen Trent Lott (R-MS) & referred to the GOPs as "we".

The coverage of the vote on Owens brought out the inanity of FNL -- here's just a sample from the last hour of the program:

12:13pm - ALERT - so Asman could announce that voting has begun on POwens, with GOPs "expected to vote along party lines" but Sen HReid says the filbuster rule does not apply to Bolton so "we may have another fight" there.

12:21pm - Asman said the Senate is "right in the thick of it" -- an "up-or-down" vote for POwens, then interviewed Steve Murphy (Dem "strategist" ) & Al D'Amato (GOP, Fox News Analyst & former Senator from NY).

12:26pm - teaser: Sen TLott (R-MS)

12:40pm - Asman repeated that POwens "FINALLY gets an up-or-down vote" & noted that "already 2 Democratic Senators" (Byrd & Landrieu) have "gone with the" GOPs.

12:40pm - Asman began interviewing Michelle Malkin (reactionary ideologue, Ann Coulter wanna-be & "Fox News contributor") about Milagro Cunningham (the "illegal alien" referred to in previous teasers) but ...

12:41pm - ALERT - for "breaking news" that POwens was confirmed

12:42pm - FNL went back to the interview with Malkin, who barely had time to spew more of her usual invective (e.g., the US must "VASTLY increase" the number of internal control officers, there are "probably more like 20 million" illegal aliens in the US, we must "punish" police depts & cities who have sanctuary policies) before there was another interruption ...

12:44pm - ALERT - to repeat that POwens was confirmed, with Asman opining that it "wasn't too long ago some" Dems were saying "some pretty awful things" about her. FNL decided "let's listen in" & went to live coverage of a statement by Sen BFrist (R-TN) (paired with video of Bush), which FNL broadcast in full. When Frist turned the floor over to his colleague Sen KBHutchinson (R-TX) , FNL continued live coverage of her statement while running lower-third graphics restating Frist's talking points, but FNL cut back to Asman as soon as Hutchinson turned the floor over to her Dem colleague. Asman then interviewed Sen TLott (R-MS, chair of the rules committee). Asman let Lott hit the GOP talking points, but Asman was so elated about Owens's confirmation that after Lott claimed the GOPs coulda/shoulda/woulda won any fight, Asman said " if we shoulda done it & if we had the votes to do it in the Senate" -- quickly correcting himself to "if you guys in the Republican Party" -- why did they need a compromise. Lott said they should have "gone forward" with a vote.

Comments: OOPS! There's that "royal WE" again.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (FNL's "coverage" of the POwens vote, Asman's blunder). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.