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Hannity & Coulter Viciously Ridicule Bill Moyers

Reported by Deborah - May 24, 2005

Ann Coulter scheduled to discuss Bill Moyer's speech on Capitol Hill tonight on H&C instead spent the entire segment trying to degrade, ridicule and discredit Bill Moyers and his career in journalism. Hannity read a brief paragraph of Moyers speech and then he and a laughing Coulter let loose with vile personal attacks making it clear that Moyers had hit a nerve.

Coulter, calling Moyers a paranoid meglomaniac, admitted that she had not heard his speech on Capitol Hill today. She then referred to his speech at the National Conference on Media Reform saying that
he was reading fan letters to himself. "Next is germ phobia.It's watching a public breakdown." A few minutes later Coulter said,"He compared himself to Jesus Christ. I like to see these public breakdowns." She was laughing, of course.

Then her disjointed raving started and she actually said that conservative media had made only "tiny little inroads"compared to the vast liberal networks. Complaining about the critics of Fox News, Coulter made a point to say that Hannity & Colmes was the #1 cable talk show but still the numbers were small compared to "Fake News on CBS." Making one of her bizarre analogies she said,"It's like 1930's Germany and Bill Moyers is the Jew."

After calling PBS "idiotic" and claiming that Fox was fair and balanced. Coulter's time was up. Hannity happily ended the segment with, "Conservatives have a sense of humor."

comment: Viewers had no idea what Moyers said today on Capitol Hill or at the Media Conference.Hannity and Coulter made sure that there was no discussion of the campaign against Moyers to kick him off PBS. There was no information shared with the audience that would allow them to make their own decision about Bill Moyers and the value of his speech today. All the viewers saw tonight were two people supposedly adult professionals making fun of someone because he voiced his concerns about the state of our media.

I challenge Hannity to show an unedited clip of Moyers speech on his show and then discuss it calmly point by point.I challenge Ann Coulter to address Moyer's concerns respectfully without using acid jabs to replace substance.Sadly, that will never happen on the #1 show on cable.

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