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Holy Cow Batman, We're Really in Trouble if Fox Says the word 'Totalitarianism' in reference to the Bush Administration

Reported by Donna - May 23, 2005

Last Thursday on Studio B with Shepard Smith, I caught an interesting exchange between him and Judge Andrew Napolitano, Senior Judicial Analyst on Fox News.

The segment had to do with the leaks coming out regarding the 'new' Patriot Act that is going to be proposed by Republican Senators and the President.

What transpired was made even more frightening by the fact that Fox was talking about it.

Below is my transcript, paraphrased, but pretty much verbatim of the segment on the new Patriot Act between Shepard Smith and Andrew Napolitano.

Shepard Smith: President Bush and political allies in the Senate have efforts underway to expand the powers of the Patriot Act. It will allow the Feds to seize business records without the approval of a judge. Now, think about that. As long as they feel those records are needed for a terror investigation. Some say it's already too invasive.

Andrew Napolitano: We don't know exactly what the new Patriot Act will say (comment: going ahead without a plan, again?). Aides to Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas, who is in charge of drafting the new proposals leaked some new information out yesterday and the leaked information tells us that the new proposal will allow the FBI to seize business records and medical records without going to a judge.

The present Patriot Act allows the FBI to seize records from financial institutions.

SS: That's to track the money trail.

AN: Right. (Of) course the government has expanded the definition of financial records to include lawyers, real estate agencies, casinos, hotels and the post office.

SS: Wow.

AN: So, right now the FBI can get your mail and banking records without going to a judge and without you knowing it.

The new proposal, we believe, we haven't seen it in print yet, would expand that power and allow the FBI to get business records and medical records without going to a judge and without you knowing it.

Now, you may say, so what?

SS: If you haven't anything to hide, why worry about it -- I can hear some people.

AN: Right. We fought a revolution to keep British soldiers from doing that and we put in the constitution that if the government or anyone wants anything from you, against your will, they have to go to a judge and explain under oath to the judge the reason they want it. The judge has to agree with that reason. The reason has to do with some suspician that you're involved in a crime and then, and only then, can they get their search warrant.

The new Patriot Act, consistent with the old one, would allow the FBI to bypass the constitution. Wrong, dangerous and obviously unconstitutional.

SS: Is it your sense, obviously the government around us is changing...

AN: Yes.

SS: ...is it your sense that we're going to a new system of government and bypassing the constitution and they're just now telling us about it? Are we heading toward totalitarianism?

AN: It is my sense that the Federal government thinks it can do whatever it wants and the American public will not be outraged unless it affects them personally.

Everyone assumes, well, as you said so nicely, a few minutes ago --'Well, it's not 'my' records they want. I didn't do anything wrong, they can look under my bed. I have nothing to hide.'

But, they forget that that right to privacy is right integral to the constitution and we shouldn't give it up.

SS: You know -- and there may be some who say, 'Well, if this bunch wants to check me, let them check me.' But this bunch ain't gonna be here forever.

Judge? Totalitarianism?

AN: I think we're getting close to it. I'm not an alarmist but I want Americans to know that the Congress is tampering with our fundemental liberties. The Congress should at least do this, not behind closed doors, which they 'are' doing, and with an open public debate so that we know what's going on and have a chance to weigh in. And no Congressman should vote to impair our constitutional liberties.

SS: Judge Andrew Napolitano, thank you.

Comment: Seeing this story on Fox scared me more than seeing it on another news media because they are putting this out there and I'm sure it was received by their audience as just another news story and they'll just accept that the Bush administration can do anything they want to.

For those who aren't sure what totalitarianism is, here's the definition:

1 : centralized control by an autocratic authority
2 : the political concept that the citizen should be totally subject to an absolute state authority

This is what the Bush administration is pushing. Comparisons to what happened to the Germans in the early to mid thirties is eerie. One day they woke up and all of their civil liberties were gone. It was always 'for the good of the people' you will go along with this. How much more is the American public willing to go along with?

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