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Hannity Continues Attack Against Newsweek

Reported by Deborah - May 23, 2005

A Newsweek cover from February, Asian edition, showing an American flag in a trashcan and a headline in Chinese was the centerpiece of a segment on H&C tonight. Hannity wanted to know if Newsweek was spreading anti-American sentiment around the world. Michael Gross, civil rights lawyer and Lt.Col. Bob Maginnis were on hand to debate the issue.

When Hannity confronted Michael Gross with the cover, Gross replied,
"It's the story I'd like to read." Hannity did not offer him details of what the cover story was about inquiring if Gross believed the story about the Koran.

Gross answered that there has been reports from the Red Cross on this issue. Hannity quickly diverted saying, "Maybe we should have shown pictures of the rape rooms, mass graves." To this Gross responded by bringing up the photo's of Saddam in his underpants printed by the owner of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch. Hannity announced in a defensive tone that he'd like to see more of those types of pictures.

Lt.Col. Bob MaGinnis said that the underwear photos should not have been published adding that Hamid Karzai said today that Newsweek had nothing to do with the riots in Afganistan. Gross said that the photos would show the muslim world our disrespect of prisoners.

comment: Obviously Hannity did some research to find a back issue of Newsweek with and anti-american cover in order to inflame his viewers. The February date was mentioned once and briefly so inattentive viewers could believe that it was recent. The headline in Chinese prevented us from really knowing what it was all about but
it was probably reporting on our tarnished reputation abroad.

Did it occur to Hannity that displaying that Newsweek cover was also damaging to our reputation not to mention unkind to all the troops that have FNC piped in 24/7. He raves against Newsweek then in the next breath claims that he wants more of the Saddam underwear photos that would inflame the Muslim world.

The most frustrating thing about this segment was Hannity's refusal to even consider how the Muslim world might feel about anything. Gross tried to heighten Hannity's awareness of our role in creating the bad feelings for the US but he just kept repeating the line
about rape rooms and mass graves.

We are meant to change and evolve which requires us to let go of the primitive instincts of our ancestors who lived in tribes. If you were from another tribe, you were the enemy. The reality that we are still attached to that primitive mind set is hard to fathom. Unfortunately, Hannity's job is to keep that reactive and limited belief system alive.

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