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Congressional Republicans skeptical - of Kofi Annan, UN

Reported by Chrish - May 20, 2005

On Special Report today 5/19/05, we finally got to see Republican congressmen skeptical of perceived greed, deal-making, lies and cover-ups. Unfortunately their target is Kofi Annan.

Annan's Chief of Staff, Mark Malloch Brown, appeared today before Congress, defending his boss and saying there is no evidence to support the allegations against him, and that he is part of the solution to the problems at the UN, not part of the problem.

Eric Shawn reported that in his appearance before the House International Relations Committee, Malloch Brown pleaded for more money for peacekeeping and for cooperation within the UN. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) thinks we should not continue to pay dues to an "organization which continues to engage in a practice of corruption", and Dana Rorbacher (R-CA) "sharply reminded" Malloch Brown that his predecessor shredded documents of Kofi Annan's right before he retired, and "now he's just retired to wherever..., there's no accountability there, is there? He's off the hook."

Malloch Brown replied "No, no, no, no, no, no. Let me again be clear. The moment anyone wishes to pursue criminal charges, immunity will be waived."

Comment: For one thing, it is commonplace for a departing employee to shred papers and files before leaving. To insinuate something criminal without any evidence is just, well, it's a conspiracy theory!

If only our representatives and Fox had such doggedness and skepticism when it came to matters that actually influence Americans and our lives. They pursue the UN Oil-for-food but ignore Halliburton and the $9 billion lost in Iraq. They pursue steroid use in sports but ignore 45 million Americans without healthcare. They pursue Terry Schiavo's "right to 'life'" but ignore our children's right to clean air. They pursue Michael Jackson but ignore election irregularities. They pursue Kofi Annan but ignore Ken Lay.

And by the way, where IS Ken Lay? Is he with that former CoS in retirement somewhere, off the hook?

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