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Hannity Persecutes Evangelical Christians

Reported by Deborah - May 17, 2005

President Bush is scheduled to speak at Calvin University, a Christian College in Michigan and some of the faculty have voiced their opposition to the administration's policies on Iraq and the environment. Two Professors from Calvin, Randall Jelk and Ruth Groenhut were interviewed on H&C tonight and Hannity lashed out at them for respectfully expressing their opposition.

Jelk and Groenhut explained to Colmes that the President is very welcome at Calvin adding that he has been there before.Thirty percent of the faculty believe that as Evangelical Christians, war should only be used as a last resort and as "stewards of God's creation" the environment deserves better care.Jelk explained several times that they are hoping to open a dialogue with the President on these issues adding that they are honored to have the President visit the University.

Hannity entered in attack mode going after Jelk for a past protest of Renquist."Were you part of an effort to accuse him of being a racist?" Jelk calmly told Hannity that he thought some of Renquist's early decision reflected some racial bias.

Then Hannity let loose raving that if both of them had their way Saddam's torture and rape rooms would still be there and dead babies would be lying in the streets. Accusing them of appeasing evil, he shouted them down refusing them any opportunity to respond. Of course, the environment was ignored because even Hannity has no defense for Bush on that issue.

Comment:So Hannity, devout Christian and Great American, attacked these people for their Christian beliefs and democratic participation.They are concerned because their President who claims to be an Evangelical Christian has gone against the basic principles of their faith and they want to discuss it. How did that become a bad thing? Hannity blinded by his obsessive delusions really exposed himself tonight and it was a repulsive sight.

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