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Charlie Daniels

Reported by Ellen - May 17, 2005

Joining Alan Colmes in the first hour of his radio show Friday night (5/13/05) was Charlie Daniels. Now I have to admit I do like his music, but tonight my opinion of Mr. Daniels sank so low that I called the show to give him a piece of my mind.

Daniels came on as a guest to promote his new Bluegrass Gospel Album and also that of his semi-autobiographical book "Ain't No Rag: Freedom Family and the Flag".

He told the story of a song he wrote about the Vietnam War. He said he asked Vietnam Vets their advice in recording the song. It was a controversial song and he wanted others who were involved in the war to give their opinion. What bothered me was when Alan pointed out Mr. Daniels' statement of Feminism in his book. To paraphrase, he wrote that feminists are evil and downright elitists with a political agenda.

Immediately, I was on the phone wanting to ask the questions but I missed by one call. So what is that political agenda that is so evil? What is so evil that I want to walk into a Police Station and do my job, without being called a Femi-Nazi, that I want my daughter to have every opportunity to have a good life, be it a career or a marriage, or both? How is wanting equal rights an evil political agenda? Daniels asked Vietnam Vets what they thought of his song, but didn't bother to ask real feminists what they fight for. Is it just feminists he hates altogether or is it just one particular group?

Daniels kept saying he bears no harsh will on anyone, but says that women, who also bear combat wounds, are so evil? He stated he doesn't believe in political correctness, but considers those of us who use our constitutional and democratic right to criticize the government unpatriotic? I guess Mr. Daniels, who I personally watched get drunk and party with the little "honeys" behind the scenes at his concerts, definitely wears that hypocrite label well.

My last question to Mr. Daniels, would have been this: "Do you only admire women if they are barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen without any rights?"

Mr. Daniels just went on my never listen to again list.

Posted by guest blogger Dee, edited by Ellen (Thanks again, Dee!)

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