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The Long & The Short Of It

Reported by Nancy - May 11, 2005 -

Last night (5/10), FNC's premier "political" news program was mighty short on the politics & mighty long on the spin. As you might expect, what wasn't covered is even more revealing than what was covered.

Here's the list of what they DID report about:
*Bret Baier at the Pentagon reported on Operation Matador in Iraq
*Carl Cameron reported on Bush in Tbilisi (with a clip of Bush after nearly every sentence)
*Major Garrett reported that Frist will force the issue on "judicial filibusters"
*Jim Angle reported on "stiff opposition from some quarters" on CAFTA
*Brit Hume reported that a court ruled that Cheney does not have to reveal details of his energy task force
*Molly Henneberg reported on the Pentagon & Congress being at odds over shipbuilding contracts
*William LaJeunesse reported on the start of the trial of David Rosen, national finance chair for HRClinton
*Jennifer Griffin reported on "scandal & turmoil" [Hume's intro] in the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem

Comment: Note that the only international coverage was on Iraq, Israel & Bush's current tour. I guess Tony Blair's "victory" is so 10 minutes ago. As usual, Africa is emphatically not on Special Report's world map. For that matter, the entire Southern Hemisphere is generally ignored on Special Report.

Even Hume's "Grapevine" segment was unusually lame:
1- Media Research Center "word search" study revealed that the word "conserv" was used more often than the word "liberal" & also revealed that MSM were critical of Bush being critical of Russia
2- BBC correspondent Phil Rees complained about confusing the terms "freedom fighter" & "terrorists", & Molly Bingham ("Al Gore's official photographer") agreed with him
3- North Korea said they will "stick fast to the path we have chosen" & called Bush "Hitler Junior"
4- Boston Mayor Tom Menino's campaign has starting to buy up website names that could be used against him

Here's a short list of political stories they did NOT cover:
*Senate approves an $82 billion spending bill [comment: by a 100-to-0 vote]
*Calls to extradite Posada from US to Cuba
*Germany unveils new Holocaust museum [comment: designed by a US architect]
*Insurgent attacks across Iraq (not related to Operation Matador)
*Pastor resigns at NC church that kicked out members who voted for Kerry
*Mayoral politics other than Boston (e.g., Laura Miller in Dallas, James Hahn in Los Angeles)
*Cambodia still trying to set up a tribunal for the Khmer Rouge
*Senate passes "REAL ID" legislation
*Baltimore airport renamed to honor Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall

Comment: I'm sure readers will have plenty of items to add to this short list -- I made no attempt to be comprehensive.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (Special Report's lack of comprehensive political coverage). O/T comments will be deleted. Please use the O/T category from the list at right to post unrelated comments. Thanks.