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Tragedy trumpeted, issues ignored

Reported by Chrish - May 10, 2005

The horrific story of filicide in Illinois was the Big Story today 5/10/05. More than twenty-five minutes were devoted to the Zion police press conference and various other reporting. The upside of the excess was there was no time for the "My Word" segment.

As Ellen reported yesterday, Fox devotes a lot of time to these tragic stories at the expense of news that we need to hear. Our hearts go out to the families and friends involved in this nightmare, but truly compassionate people don't like to wallow in others misfortunes.

The other items covered on "Big Story" today were

"Operation Matador in full swing, killing at least 100 'bad guys' near the Syrian border" (Included the newest Fox AADD contributor); approx 4m15s

"President Bush to Georgia: 'We've got cha back." Speaking with former Ambassador to Russia James Collins, Gibson summarized/dumbed down the recent interactions between Bush and Putin as follows:
"Before Bush goes to Russia, Vladimir Putin appears on "60 Minutes" and tells Bush, 'Butt out. Mind your own democracy.' Then Bush goes to see Putin. Next thing you know they're driving around in a '56 Volga together, laughing and joking and best of friends. Bush leaves Putin, shows up in Georgia, and essentially tells Russia 'keep your hands off Georgia.'" Total time 5m15s.

"Martha Stewart making a post-prison debut"; 55s.

"...A Canadian intelligence report says Islamic extremists are coming back to Canada and some after coming back from training abroad with the world's top 'bad guys'could be ready to launch an attack." He is joined by Canada's new Ambassador to the U.S. Frank McKenna, whose first words are "This is not new news. This is a government report that was made available, (Gibson overtalks) so it's old news."; total time 2m45s

"Chaos in Compton, folks asking why?" <2m.

And finally, "Before we go I'd like to welcome all our new viewers in Canada watching on Bell Express View." Coming from Gibson, no fan of Canada (or Europe, or the Middle East...) that welcome sounds anything but sincere.

Comment: All the East Coast viewers who turn to Fox at 5:00 to see what's happened in the world and country sure get a twisted view. Apparently the personal tragedy of two families in Illinois is "the Big Story", regardless that it only tugs the heartstrings and doesn't inform.

Gibson's repeated use of the childish 'bad guys' reinforces the Bush "with us or against us" proclamation. His intention to alarm viewers with the "Jihadists from the North" segment failed as it was immediately exposed as old information. Bush's trip to Russia was simply illustrated by the photo op in the antique car, leaving the viewer as puzzled as Gibson over why things went wrong when Bush got to Georgia. This show gives tabloid journalism a bad name.

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