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Susan Estrich Whores for the RNC

Reported by Nancy - May 9, 2005 -

Last night (6/8) on Special Report, Brit Hume used his one-on-one interview segment to talk with alleged Dem Susan Estrich. Fox, like the rest of the reactionary echo chamber, is in full attack mode where Howard Dean is concerned, & Estrich laid to rest any doubt about where her loyalties & interests lie: all she really cares about is getting her face on national TV, & she'll say anything to make sure that keeps happening.

6:05pm - Hume said GOPs "pounced" on Dean's recent remarks, to intro a reported that "Dean is not backing off" by Brian Wilson. Wilson admitted that 78% of GOPs are white Christians, but quickly switched to standard Fox-speak, saying that "many" were "wondering why" Dean is making such statements. He showed clips of people saying they don't agree with him (e.g., Rep NPelosi, who was "quick to distance herself" from Dean's statement, according to Wilson). Wilson made sure to include video of the "Dean scream", & said that "some" Dems "are squirming" (e.g., Sen JBiden, Gov BRichardson) but GOPs are "having a lot of fun with this."
[Comment: Certainly Wilson appeared to be enjoying himself.]

6:17pm - Hume read a teaser for the upcoming interview with Estrich: "how are mainstream Democrats handling Howard Dean's" statements?
[Comment: note the implications that 1) Dean is not a mainstream Dem; 2) anyone who agrees with him is not a mainstream Dem; & 3) Estrich is a mainstream Dem.]

6:21pm - Hume showed a clip Dean (saying GOPs are largely white & Christians) & a clip of Ken Melman (RNC Chair, talking about his bar mitzvah), then asked if there's some arcane reason Dean is making such remarks. Estrich said that "if there is, he is keeping it a very good secret." She speculated that such a statement "pumps up the hard-core liberals" but added "I gotta tell ya, Brit, it doesn't make a whole lotta sense." She went on to contrast Melman & Dean, claiming "there's a lot of work Dean isn't doing" & praising Melman. Hume made a weak attempt to point out that Dean is "traveling ... reaching out" but Estrich was on a roll, & shrugged that off, asking "How is he gonna do well?" She said Dean "has to reach out" & has to "raise a lot of money" & has to "put together the nuts & bolts" so the Dems can "do what Karl Rove did last time." She used the way Amazon suggests books that returning customers might like as a model for what she thinks Dems should be doing, & emphasized that "what Democrats really need is a TON of money." Hume asked what effect this statement had, pointing out that "it's true largely" & suggesting it had unpleasant implication. Estrich sneered that it was a "silly thing to say" & went into a rant about how it doesn't help for the Chair of the DNC "to be out there alienating people." She said that "at the end of the day he embarasses a lot of people" & claimed that "in battleground states he reinforces th[e] view" (that Dems are extremists). She piously announced that the DNC Chair "doesn't need to be a household name" & cited the example of Ron Brown who, according to her, "gave Clinton a solid base" so he could win the Presidency. She warned that if Dean keeps it up, "you'll see a movement to" replace him & airily suggested "Let Dean be on a talk show." Hume pointed out that "clearly a lot of people" wanted him as the Dem candidate in 2004, & Estrich smugly retored "He didn't win" the nomination. Hume asked whether some of the people who once supported him might now be ready to dump him, & Estrich said that "Hillary, who is the most powerful in the party, didn't take part in his election" as DNC Chair & added that while it may have "seemed like a good idea at the time, now maybe not so good ..."

Comments: Whore - intr.v. ... 3. To compromise one's principles for personal gain.(according to dictionary.com)

Estrich's bio at foxnews.com says she is currently a law prof at USC, a member of the Board of Contributors of USA Today, the author of the "Portia" column for American Lawyer Media & a contributing editor of The LATimes. She is also a member of the National Holocaust Council & of the Ethics Commission of the City of Los Angeles. Her "firsts" include first woman president of the Harvard Law Review & first woman to head a national presidential campaign (Dukakis). She has also written a few books.

So wouldn't you think she could at least act like an adult? Not Susan Estrich. If you've watched Fox at all, you've probably seen Estrich do her mealy-mouthed, giggly, I'm-so-cute-&-clever little-girl routine before. This time she was over the top. Grinning, praising Melman, trashing Dean, pretending she's some big Dem "insider" by referring to SENATOR Clinton as "Hillary", giggling, dissing Dems in general, backstabbing the party she claims to represent, sneering, smug & self-satisfied -- it was quite a performance, & not one iota of it was professional, or insightful, or worthy of national air time.
Ron Brown is the *last* example Dean should emulate. Getting "centrist" (aka DINO) Bill Clinton elected is what made the Dems a minority party to start with. It's time for Dems to dump the Estriches, the Clintons, the Lierbermans & all their DINO clones, & to reclaim their roots as the party of the hard-working, ordinary men & women of this country. Having Howard Dean as DNC Chair, doing exactly what he's doing now, is a good first step in that direction.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Estrich has a syndicated column -- the current essay, as I write this, is her glowing endorsement of Chris Cox as the new SEC Chair -- & that page has a "write to the author" feature (click on the box at the top right of the middle column). If you're sick of seeing phony "Dems" & equally phony "liberals" like Estrich trotted out by Fox to parrot the GOP party line, writing to Fox probably won't help. But if you're also sick of seeing these same phonies allowing themselves to be used by Fox to bolster their bogus claim of being "fair & balanced", maybe, just maybe writing to the phonies will have an impact. So write to Estrich & tell her to knock it off. At the very least, you'll get to blow off some steam.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (Special Report's attack on Dean, with the active complicity of Susan Estrich). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.