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Reported by Nancy - May 9, 2005 -

"Splooze" is my neologism for the spin & sleazes that oozes from every pore of FNL. Today (5/9) there was plenty of splooze all the way through the last 2 hours of the program. Brigitte Quinn & David Asman were in their usual smarmy-tabloid form (a weird combination, I know, but they've patented it). Both were so excited about Bush "talking tough" to Putin (Quinn) & the Bushes "getting off the plane" (Asman) that they could barely control themselves.

Here's just one example of the political spin:

11:30am (all times ET) - teaser: Bolton - "will Democrats try to delay?"
11:42am - teaser (Asman): Bolton "getting picked apart"
11:44am - Asman said the Senate is set to vote on Bolton Thu "unless Democrats get in the way", then interviewed former Representatives Tom Downey (D-NY) & Bob Walker (R-PA). Asman opened by stating to Downey "I assume you're against" Bolton. Downey had barely begun to respond about how poorly the current administration has done diplomatically, & how he sees Bolton as another example of that failure, when Asman interrupted ("lemme interrupt") & talked over him. Downey didn't let him get away with it, though; he challenged Asman to "tell me ONE diplomatic success this administration has had." Asman turned to Walker for help ("What about that?") & Walker obliged by citing "remarkable success" in the Middle East & Russia, by claiming that Bolton has had a "distinguished" career (although he failed to specify in what way it was "distinguished"), & by trotting out that tired old nag: the charges against Bolton are "partisan" & "not real." Relived, Asman turned back to Downey & asked "What is it you're afraid John Bolton will do?" Unfortunately, Downey missed the implication ("you're afraid") & answered the question, saying that a diplomat requires skills like patientce & "Bolton has none of those attributes." Asman interrupted again -- "Just wanna pause to look at" the Bushes "stepping off the plane in Georgia" -- which viewers were then forced to watch for a while, with long rambling blather from Asman about (relatively) recent Georgian history. Downey got back on track, talking about Bolton's lack of "diplomatic skills" & advised that "When someon like Joe Biden says he's not suited" we should listen. Asman sneered at that, acting as though Biden himself were some kind of out-of-control ranting lunatic. Rather than ask a direct question, he opined that "When Biden says it, ya wonder that HE'S [emphasis Asman's] complaining about someone not emotionally suited" & Walker again dutifully chimed in, saying that Bolton is "vigorous defending this nation's principles" & "clearly the UN needs cleaning up." Asman ended the interview at that point, because it was more important that FNL be "continuing to look at pictures of" Bush in Georgia.

Comment: I really wish Downey had shoved that "you're afraid" question right back down Asman's gullet, but it's undeniably easier to think of a snappy retort when you're not on air. Downey did reasonably well otherwise.

In the sleaze department, there was endless eye candy of a "wild car chase & shootout" & equally endless snide commentary about Mary Kay LeTourneau, including:
11:13am - teasers: wild car chase & shootout; "once forbidden love" -- "now legal" Mary Kay LeTourneau now married ("we'll tell you all about their love shack")
11:30am - teaser: violent end to a wild chase
11:33am - Quinn repeated that there was a "wild police chase" in Compton CA to intro a report from Adam Housely in LA. Housely gave a quick rundown of what happened, then showed extensive video ("straight out of a Hollywood action flick"), including "15 seconds" of "wild shooting". Housely said one officer may have been hit in the crossfire, & there has been "some turmoil" in this area for a couple of months
11:42am - teaser (Quinn): Mary Kay LeTourneau "did time in the big house, now she's moving into one"
Comment: There was more, but I think you get my drift.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (Asmans interview "technique" in general, or this interview in particular; FNL's obsession with sleazy stories). O/T comments will be deleted, especially irrelevant chitchat & personal attacks. Please use the O/T category from the list at right to post unrelated comments. Thanks.