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Brother Speaks Out For Michael Schiavo

Reported by Deborah - May 9, 2005

Hannity has conducted a one sided campaign against Michael Schiavo without opposition until tonight. On Friday, 5/6,Hannity joined with the Schindlers to accuse Michael Schiavo of brutal abuse and violating a court order. Scott Schiavo, Michael's brother,decided to set the record straight telling Colmes the family's reason for avoiding the media throughout the recent ordeal leading up to his sister-in-law's death.

"It's always been a family matter trying to keep Terri a normal person not a circus clown."

Scott Schiavo was very direct and his response quite incriminating but not surprising.Here's the most important question raised by this interview. Was Hannity duped by the Schindlers or did he decieve his viewers intentionally.

The Schindlers, on Friday, accused Michael of violating a court order by not telling them where Terri's ashes were buried.According to Scott, the ashes have not been buried at all and Michael has every intention of informing the Schindlers about the location. He added that the Schindlers are guilty of violating a court order by taking videos of Terri and releasing them to the media.

Scott Schiavo told Alan that Bob Schindler encouraged Michael to date saying once in public that he needed " a piece of a**" and later said that Schindler would visit Terri every two weeks and sit outside refusing to see her. Schiavo added that the siblings never visited at all until 2000.

Colmes inquired about the bone scan that the Schindlers said revealed broken bones which they claim were inflicted by Michael before the collapse. Scott asked how in the world could Terri have broken her ankles and pelvis without family knowing about it.Scott stressed that everything is recorded and open to anyone reminding Alan the Doctors were picked by the court and it was out of Michael's hands.

When Colmes asked about the Schindler's motives, Scott Schiavo did not hold back. He told Colmes, "Follow the money trail to the right for lifers" claiming that they are paying the bills for all the Schindlers, including siblings, who have no other source of income.

Comment: Scott Schiavo is a no nonsense, straight talking Philly guy.
I could tell that he only did this interview because he was totally fed up with Hannity's manipulation and lies. After watching Randall Terry, grand master of the "right to lifers", directing the hate circus outside of the Florida hospice,I believe Scott Schiavo.

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