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Distorted Defense Of Wal- Mart on Beltway Boys

Reported by Deborah - May 7, 2005

Fred Barnes and Mort Kondaracke had a rare disagreement today about Wal-Mart.Kondaracke was totally critical of Wal-Marts low salaries, lack of benefits and sexist attitudes. Fred Barnes was full of praise for the company spouting defenses that turned out to completely untrue.

Barnes claimed that Wal-Mart employees were treated much better than CostCo's which is an outrageous distortion.In fact Costco is so good to their workers that they have been accused of neglecting their stockholders.When compared to Costco, Wal-Mart looks pretty bad.

Then Barnes claimed that Wal-Mart employees didn't want unions. Actually there is ample evidence that Wal-Mart employees are intimidated whenever the subject of unionization is brought up. Butchers who unionized in one Wal-Mart quickly lost their jobs when the store switched to pre packaged meats.

Barnes added that the salaries are fine because these are unskilled workers and most of them are from two salary homes.( How does he know that?) He didn't talk about why it was okay that only half the workers are given healthcare. Maybe unskilled workers don't deserve medical treatment.

Comment: People like Fred Barnes need to lose their six figure salaries and spend some time in the real world of the American workforce. I am so sick of listening to well off Republicans tell middle class people what's adequate for them. Mr. Barnes, we're not having an easy time down here in workers world. In fact, most of us need two jobs just to pay our bills. Don't you think that a company like Wal-Mart with it's 10 billion dollar profit this year has a responsibility to take care of it's workers. It's the decent thing to do. Remember decency? It used to be admired in America.

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