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Fluffed, Not Folded

Reported by Nancy - May 6, 2005 -

Other than the photo I previously posted about, here's some of the rest of what happened on 5/4 on FNL, including a musical interlude by David Asman. Thanks to a reader for the title above!

Political spin:
11:0 am (all times ET) - Bret Baier included a clip of Bush (who, according to Baier, took time out from a "Social Security event" to comment) in his report on the capture of Abu Faraj al-Libbi
11:11am - teaser: Dems holding up some of Bush's picks for the bench - "now we know what the American people think of that"
11:18am - teaser: "remember the Swift Boat ads?" -- the same group is getting involved in the issue of judicial appointments
11:24am - "court of public opnion" re Bush judicial appointments
11:30am - Kathryn Herridge reported on the "big catch" of Al-Libbi, including the claim that "he was involved in plotting attacks on the American homeland"
11:33am - Mike Emanuel reported on the "Transparency Act of 2005" which he described as intended to keep 527s "from hiding their sources of funding"; he included clips of Clay Shaw (GOP) & Phil English (GOP)
11:35am - Rep Chris Shays (R-CT) sends letters to Volcker & Annan re Oil-for-Food investigation
11:41am - teaser: #3 Al Qaeda man nabbed
11:49am - teaser: can Al-Libbi lead us to OBL?
11:56am - teaser: #3 Al Qaeda man captured
11:59am - BIG STORY - #3 Al Qaeda man captured in Pakistan; Bret Baier essentially repeated his earlier report, & Asman added that Pakistan has handed over about 700 suspects since 9/11
12:06pm - Larry Franklin turns self in to FBI [comment: this story was glossed over, although you'd think it would be pretty big news when someone is accused of giving US national security info to a foreign govt]

Fear- & hate-mongering:
11:08am - Terry Nichols reportedly says a 3rd man (Roger Moore) was involved in the OKC bombing
11:18am - teaser: "controversial ruling" in CA court - "could a killer walk free?"
11:22am - ALERT - military confirms battle in Afghanistant ("unprovoked attack" by 25 terrorists)
11:27am - teaser: diversity lessons for kindgarten?
11:38am - Claudia Cowan reported on a fed court ruled that wearing buttons to court could affect jurors
11:41am - teaser: diversity program
11:44am - David Asman interviewed David Parker (parent) about diversity lesson at MA school
11:59am - deadly day in Iraq
12:02pm - terrorists clash with US troops & Afghan police
12:03pm - WaPo says Pat Tilman's death was friendly-fire incident, concealed until after his memorial service
12:04pm - Orlando Salinas reported that "as many as" 60 people were "murdered" in Arbil by a suicide bomb at the KDP office, which also doubles as a police recruitment center

Fluff, eye candy & sleaze:
11:07am - "feds" join police trying to keep the roads safe in Los Angeles
11:08am - bank robbery turns into interstate high-speed chsaee (with video)
11:08am - runaway bride retains a lawyer
11:11am - 13yo boy takes parents' pickup for a spin, winds up plowing into a house
11:11am - teaser: "American Idol" (with long clip)
11:14am - Quinn showed a short clip from "American Idol", commented huskily that "Bo was on fire last night", then interviewed Lisa Bernhard & Liz Wiehl about a former contestant's allegation that he had a sexual relationship with Paula Abdul.
11:18am - teaser: dog washing (bannered as "clean cycle")
11:27am - teaser: "doggy wash"
11:37am - runaway bride update - "she has hired a ... uh ... somewhat high-powered attorney ..." plus a teaser for exclusive interview with that attorney
11:41am - video of 6 horses runnning through Las Vegas; video of dog washing machine
11:41am - teaser: Disneyland's 50th birthday bash
11:49am - teaser: Disneyland turns 50
11:52am - Quinn interviewed Art Linkletter about Disneyland turning 50. Quinn made sure to emphasize that Reagan, Heston, Sinatra & Linkletter were at the opening & Asman capped it off by singing "the world is a carousel of color"

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