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Does The Name 'Pavlov' Ring A Bell?

Reported by Nancy - May 6, 2005 -

Isn't it interesting that a program like FNL, that constantly echoes the "spread freedom & democracy" line, didn't mention Cinco de Mayo on May 5? Could it be because only the US can be perceived as "spreading democracy & freedom"? And although FNL is always eager to tout the "culture of life" spouted by reactionaries in the US, they didn't mention that 18,000 people took part in a March of Life on May 5, Holocaust Remembrance Day, marking the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz & Birkenau by Soviet troops. Could it be because they'd have to mention that Soviet, not US, troops liberated those camps? In any case, FNL was much too busy salivating over the prospect of a UN employee being involved in the explosions at the British Consulate in NYC.

Political spin:
12:00pm - Eric Shawn reported on the explosions at British Consulate in NYC, inlcuding a clip of Bloomberg (GOP); Asman added that Bush has been briefed, then interviewed forner Senator Gary Hart (Dem)
12:07pm - Amy Kellogg reported from London on the elections there today. Asman had a "quick terror question" at the end of her report: do they worry that what happened here in NY could get exported to the UK. Kellogg said no, they're used to the IRA.
12:11pm - Kathryn Herridge reported that Zarqawi may have been spotted at a hospital; she added that he had been in Baghdad at a hospital before the war because he had a "bad leg" [comment: does anyone else remember when the official line was that he had had a leg amputated?]
12:13pm - teaser: explosions in NYC
12:16pm - a little more info "dribbling out" about explosions in NYC - police questioning a man from the Netherlands who works for the UN
12:20pm - teaser: grenades in NYC
12:28pm - teaser: NYC explosions
12:33pm - ALERT - NYC police questioning a man from the Netherlands who works for the UN
12:33pm - Jonathan Hunt reported (in his usual breathless tabloid whine full of EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! & purple prose) that Congressional investigators got documents they subpoenaed from Robert Parton, a former member of the Volcker Commission who resigned because he thought Volcker was being "too soft" on Kofi Annan. According to Hunt, these documents "expose inconsistencies in the stories Kofi Annan told".
12:41pm - teaser: on the trail of Zarqawi (with Asman opining that he "may be sick in body as well as mind")
12:44pm - ALERT - Eric Shawn reported that NYC police are questioning a Dutch national employed at the UN & showed a clip of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly; Asman commented "only in New York"

12:13pm - teasers: bullets flying again on CA freeways; keeping our kids safe/pink license plates
12:17pm - Asman said that "folks there [in Los Angeles] are driving scared" to intro a report from William LaJeunesse about the freeway shootings; he said that a "gunman or gang may have done what high gas prices could not: get Angelenos out of their cars".
12:20pm - teaser: how to protect communities from sex offenders
12:23pm - Asman interviewed Mike Gross (civil rights atty) & Michael Debose (Dem), OH state rep who proposed a law mandating pink license plates for sex offenders. This was entirely predictable, with Debose claiming that it's not a "punishment" because it targets "habitual pedophiles", & Gross saying that the "Scarlet Letter" is an appropriate metaphor. Asman injected his own opinion a few times (e.g., you "cannot cure them, so whaddaya do?" & "a witch hunt's one thing, going after convictes sex offenders is another").
12:35pm - Asman said there's "yet another FL sex offender on the run" to intro a report from Julie Banderas about Palm Beach police looking for 2 sex offenders who have cut off their monitoring bracelets. Opinions were offered by both Banderas ("perhaps they're all running scared" after Jeb Bush signed the JLunsford act) & Asman (it's a "problem as long as you can cut off those bracelets").
12:46pm - Following a clip from "Last Best Chance", a new documentary about the problems of nuclear proliferation, Asman interviewed Sam Nunn (Dem, former GA Sen) whose group, Nuclear Threat Initiative, produced the film; for anyone who's interested, Nunn mentioned that you can get a free DVD of the film at the group's website
12:49pm - teaser: another freeway shooting in LA

Sleaze / Fluff / Eye Candy:
12:28pm - teasers: runaway bride; former "American Idol" contestant dishing out details re PAbdul (with video clip from that show)
12:38pm - there will be a Wilbanks press conf 4pm today
12:38pm - following a long clip from this week's "American Idol", Lisa Bernhard reported about Corey Clark & PAbdul with more videos from the show
12:41pm - teaser: Kathryn Morris from "Cold Case"
12:49pm - teaser: Kathryn Morris
12:53pm - Asman interviewed Kathryn Morris ("Cold Case" on TV, new movie "Mindhunters"); Asman noted that she was part of a gospel singing group as a child
12:56pm - ALERT - motion for mistrial denied at MJackson trial
12:57pm - teaser for the Asman Observer: "How much is your mother worth?"

12:59pm - For May 5's Observer, Asman used (& credited) info posted at salary.com as a jumping-off point for an essay about how that kind of analysis doesn't take into account all the unpaid work women do. Very valid, & a nice twist on the usual saccharine Mother's Day cant, but then no one ever went wrong praising "mom & apple pie."

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