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Tom DeLay works on humility "every day"

Reported by Chrish - May 5, 2005

Brian Wilson reported on Tom DeLay's ongoing ethics investigations on Special Report 05/05/05. Fox continues to muddy the issue with accusations of widespread unethical behavior in both parties, the "everybody does it" defense. Today DeLay pandered to, I mean addressed a prayer meeting on the subject of humility. Step into the looking glass...

Wilson's intro: "Tom DeLay is known for his hard-charging, take no prisoner style of politics. He's often described as intense and driven. But today as he finds himself in the midst of a swirling controversey over possible ethics violations, DeLay spoke at a prayer meeting about the need to be humble."

Tape of DeLay: "I ask you all as your servant and your brother for your prayers for the virtue of humility. No matter what your faith, your political persuasion, your prayers for our increased humility for our ever humbler service to god and neighbor are needed and they're desperately wanted."

Wilson "The message was well received by the conservative Christians gathered on Capitol Hill for a National Day of Prayer but DeLay emerged to a less than humble (?) phalanx of TV reporters outside."

Asked by a reporter why he chose that topic, DeLay replied that "humility is something I work on every day."

Comment: It must be hard to be humble when you're flying in Air Force One and golfing at the most exclusive courses in the world and spending "an average of $784 a day on meals while in London and Scotland, according to the Wall Street Journal analysis of travel records." (Daily DeLay)

Wilson goes on to say that DeLay's staff is dismayed to learn that it may be a month until the newly re-formed Ethics Panel may begin a preliminary investigation. Part of the reason for the delay (no pun intended) is that so far two Republican Representatives (Tom Cole, R-OK and Tom Smith, R-TX) have recused themselves because they made donations to DeLay's legal defense fund. While Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that she believed it was up to individual panel members to decide if he or she could be impartial, DNC Chairman Howard Dean called for "the remaining ethics members who have accepted money from DeLay to preserve the integrity of the Congress by following suit." Wilson says that would mean the three remaining Republicans on the panel would have to recuse themselves, including the Committee Chairman Doc Hastings.

He says that it may be difficult to find five Democrats and five Republicans to offer to be on the committee because of real or perceived conflicts.

Brit says "Nancy Pelosi has been identified as having taken trips not altogether dissimilar from those DeLay's been accused of taking." and asks what is the possibility she'll come under investigation? Would that imperil some Democrats in participating in that inquiry?

Wilson says if they had received money from a leadership PAC, or had some relationship with the leadership, that could become an issue, and that's the point...everybody's a friend of everyone else. They all give money to each other and it could be hard to find ten people to stand in judgment.

Comment: So we have the everyone does it defense, the three-ring-circus defense, and the they're all dirty defense. A fine job of muddying the issue without addressing it.

Let's not forget that the not-so-humble DeLay abused his power to track down Texas Democrats who left the state to foil his gerrymandering plans,and paid his wife and daughter a reported $500,000.00 for "consulting". And, (amending 2:30a.m. 5/6) let's not forget the conflict of interest with energy companies, imagine that, for which he was admonished and the "support" offered to a Congressman's son in exchange for that congressman's vote on Bush's Medicare prescription drug bill. The travel issue is just a piece of the pie; don't lose sight of that.

According to The Daily DeLay, "DeLay, though his PAC, has given money to 225 of the 232 GOP members. We can't get an impartial ethics committee from that jury pool. Congress can't police itself." Sign the petition for an independent counsel to investigate DeLay.

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