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Picture This

Reported by Nancy - May 5, 2005 -

Yesterday 5/4) on FNL, there was plenty to comment on. But one photo deserves a post all its own.

Brigitte Quinn showed a photo of a US soldier cradling an Iraqi baby injured by a bomb. In her most gluey, oozing, phony-sympathy voice, Quinn noted that the baby later died. David Asman, about an hour later, showed the same "soldier cradles dying child" photo. The photo itself was very dramatic. For those old enough to remember, there were echoes of the photo of a firefighter carrying a dead child out of the rubble of the Oklahoma City bombing.

COMMENT: At least we now know what it takes to get anyone on FNL to show viewers a dying Iraqi child. Too bad they've ignored the estimated 40,000 Iraqi children killed since the war began who weren't cradled by a GI.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (FNL's coverage of Iraqi civilian deaths, this photo in particular). O/T comments will be deleted, especially irrelevant chitchat & personal attacks. Please use the O/T category from the list at right to post unrelated comments. Thanks.