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From Grenades to Weapons of Mass Destruction

Reported by Melanie - May 5, 2005

Not surprisingly, the news about the two makeshift grenades which detonated outside the building housing the British consulate in New York City was linked to Osama bin Laden, suicide bombers, radical Islam, the 9-11 Commission, terrorists and weapons of mass destruction today (May 5, 2005) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto.

Cavuto opened with: "An explosion (many news outlets are using the more appropriate word, "blast") in Manhattan in the wee hours this morning. We still don't know who's behind it but the New York Police Commissioner is going to be up-dating us in just seconds."

A few seconds later there was a FOX NEWS ALERT (the "explosion" happened more than 12 hours earlier) and Cavuto said authorities were "still trying" to figure out who was behind a "New York City explosion" this morning. Cavuto then moved to video of a truck filled with more than a ton of explosives which was found in Russia and he said they're still trying to find out who was behind that too, and then he moved to Iraq and said they're still trying to "comprehend" how insurgents can strike "so easily and so often" there.

Next, Cavuto wondered what would happen if "this were better planned and better executed," as he introduced Fox reporter Eric Shawn, who appeared to be delighted that a UN employee seen "loitering" in the area had been detained by police. (Fox delights at reporting bad news about the UN.)

Next, Cavuto again pondered "how bad this could have been had it not gone exactly the way it did," as he introduced Benjamin Netanyahu, on the phone from Israel.

Netanyahu said you can't "prevent terrorist action" in a country the size of the U.S. which is "targeted by an enemy" the 9-11 Commission "correctly identified as radical Islam." Netanyahu said they're "bound to take shots at Americans and American targets," but the war against it needs to be "consistent and patient."

Netanyahu said free countries can "overcome barbarianism" with "resolute" action. He reminded the audience that Osama bin Laden's #3 man was recently captured. He said we "don't want to use the same techniques as the barbarians," but he advised us to go after "regimes" and the "terrorist leaders themselves."

The New York press conference with Police Commissioner Kelly still hadn't started, so former NYC Police Commissioner Howard Safir came on next while a banner at the bottom of the screen said Fox was waiting for a "bombing up-date."

Safir said this "shows how vulnerable we are," but he said he thought the person who did this wanted to make a statement, not hurt people. Safir said we have to go after the leaders and the organizations who do this and that we need to "surveil" buildings to prevent it.

The NYC press conference began but Fox lost the feed after about 20 seconds so it was back to Safir, who said he didn't think this was done by "a terrorist," and that he didn't think it was "weapons of mass destruction."

Comment: An age-old way to keep a population "in line" is to keep it frightened. When Fox spends nine minutes weaving two makeshift grenades into the fabric of the "War on Terror," the invasion of Iraq, weapons of mass destruction and Osama bin Laden, one can't help but question its intentions.

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