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Gibson carrying so much water for Bush, developing camel's hump

Reported by Chrish - May 3, 2005

The spin was dizzying on the Big Story with John Gibson 5/3/05. Gibson and Fox believe Bush is the man when it comes to leading the "war on terror" and we haven't suffered another attack since 9/11 because of his policies. One of the laws passed 2 years ago required airline pilots to be trained and equipped with firearms; to date only about 5% of pilots have gone through the program. Guest Bob Giuda, founder of the Airline Pilots' Security Alliance, currently a captain for a major US airline, and a former FBI agent and Marine, believes the program was designed intentionally to make it inconvenient for pilots to be trained.

Gibson begins by challenging Giuda: "Shouldn't it be difficult for pilots to carry a gun on board?"

Giuda "...the process in place makes it extraordinarily difficult for someone who is willing to undergo training to get to that training and then once completed, to comfortably and with facility, carry that weapon..."

Gibson, interrupting: "You're saying that they've arbitrarily, well not arbitrarily, purposely put up an obstacle course to make it difficult for a pilot to qualify to carry a gun on board. How?"

Giuda: "there's institutional bias, in my opinion, against the entire process. Recall that from inception Congress passed the bill with overwhelming support, both houses, signed the bill into law and immediately the then-head of TSA nixed the program. The bill was again passed, making it not optional but mandatory, and it had certain milestones in place which the TSA failed to meet. There is an institutional bias, it appears..."

Gibson, interrupting: "Tell me what you had to go through to get your license to carry a gun in the cockpit."

Giuda: "I am not licensed to carry a gun in the program, (I swear he called Gibson Neil here) the reason being if I were to go through that program I am then subject to a gag order which prevents me from saying anything about it. That is a concern..."

Gibson, interrupting: "OK but what else, you said they set up obstacles in the way of pilots doing it, like what?"

Giuda: "Alright, the training facility is four hours from the nearest airport of any size in a very remote part of the United States. There is only one training facility in the entire United States for 95,000 potential carriers, as pilots. The protocol for carrying weapons in the cockpit - and as an ex-FBI agent and a former US Marine I can tell you-that currently FFDOs are required to carry the weapon in a box. Now a pilot already carries two if not three other bags, with flight kits and overnight accomodations and so forth. In the guise of security we actually create a greater problem in that that box is much more easily misplaced than carrying the weapon on one's person like every other law enforcement agency in the world and every other law enforcement officer. We had ..."

Gibson, interrupting: "Bob Giuda, thank you very much. I think we see there's a problem. I appreciate it. Bob Giuda is the founding chairman of Airline Pilots' Security Alliance, Bob, thank you very much."

Comment: Usually Fox likes to pursue stories with a "danger" current running through them, but this time I think the danger was too real and the fault of the vaunted terrah president and his incompetent cronies. On Fox it's good to be afraid of your neighbor and secularists but let's not talk about the terrible job Homeland Security is really doing.

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