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Fear-Mongering, Writ Large & Small

Reported by Nancy - May 2, 2005 -

Today (5/2) on FNL, there was the usual mix of fear-mongering (North Korea! Zarqawi! new terror threats!), political spin (Bush's first 100 days; DeLay's okay & Bolton's fine but Laura Bush is super-swell!) & inane little stories. Credit-Where-Credit-Is-Due Dept: David Asman verbally acknowledged that the source for the material in his "Asman Observer" today was the New York Sun.

Brigitte Quinn gets a special mention for a teaser she read about the number of terror threats allegedly being down, to which she added, in her best dramatic tone, a question about whether this could be "part of a plan to strike while we're not paying attention?"

Tidbits that were really just inane little stories, covered with very short blurbs &/or even shorter (but repeated) teasers, included:
*6 people stuck on Sky Diver ride at amusement park
*roller coaster endurance contest in Denver
*NASCAR "wipeout" at Talladega (probably hyped because it was car crash footage for eye candy, plus Jeff Gordon is slated to be a guest on Your World with Neil Cavuto later today)
*2 teens survive 6 days at sea (this actually got a fair amount of air time, because they -- gasp! -- prayed during their ordeal)
*freeway shooting ("bullets flying") in Los Angeles
*search crews in NJ use sonar to find teen who fell off whale-watch boat
*teens & tanning [news flash: teens don't pay attention to health warnings]
*Lisa Bernhard interviewed Stephanie LaGrossa, voted off "Survivor"
*FL Gov Jeb Bush signs Jessica Lunsford Act into law [does FNC even know that there are 48 governors besides Jeb & Arnie?]

Even the weather report is geared to the "wicked weather" stories, so it all fits nicely within the over-arching theme: be afraid -- of everything, & everyone, at all times.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (FNL's handling of the above "stories"). O/T comments will be deleted. Please use the O/T category from the list at right to post unrelated comments. Thanks.