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Relief at the Gas Pump?

Reported by Donna - April 27, 2005

"President Bush is trying to ease the pain at the gas pump." This is how Shepard Smith on Studio B started off this segment on the president and our energy crisis. He went on to say, "The president is talking about plans to knock down high energy costs but some (gotcha, who are 'some'?) are wondering if any short time relief will be coming out of it."

Possible relief at the gas pump? No, this is just Fox's way of starting a story on the positive side for President Bush.

Smith went to Wendall Goller at the White House who said the president said we need to produce more energy domestically, create new sources of energy and do more energy conservation.

Goler went on to say that the president was back from his 2 months of talking about social security, which seemed to turn people off. (Good one, Wendall) He then went to a video clip of President Bush who said: (paraphrased, but pretty much verbatim)

'This problem did not develop overnight and it's not gonna be fixed overnight. But, it's time to fix it. See, we got a fundemental question we've got to face, here in America. Do we want to continue to grow more dependent on other nations to meet our energy needs or do we want to do what is necessary to achieve greater control of our economic destiny?'

Goler said that Bush had met with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia a couple of days ago, but the Prince said he wasn't going to increase production of oil, anyway, it wouldn't matter since the real problem of the excalating oil prices was because of our lack of oil refineries. He said the president would ask that more oil refineries be built on old military bases, with some of the restrictions eased, though none of the environmental ones.

He also reported that Bush wanted to make it easier to build nuclear power plants. Goler ended by saying that the energy bill is before the Senate now but it's been blocked the past four years. He said that it has a chance to pass now that they only need 51 votes rather than 60.

Comment: Do more energy conservation? What has this president done to promote energy conservation? Was it when he gave a break to small businesses if they used SUV's?

What about his energy plan? Does he really believe that he will not affect the environment? Read about the NRDC and how there has been industry influence used in the president's energy plan in this link: http://www.nrdc.org/media/pressreleases/020521b.asp

Aside from all of that, I think it was unfair of Fox to start it's report giving people some 'hope' that there might be relief at the gas pump. It was a poor choice of words, the president didn't give us anything that will fix the rising costs of fuel until years from now, if then.

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