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Despite What Roger Ailes Says, FOX News Only Likes Certain Parts of America

Reported by Ellen - April 25, 2005

On December 19, 2004, FOX News CEO Roger Ailes told C-Span's Q&A viewers that the reason people hate FOX is because "They suspect we like America." It's an appealing sentiment but in reality FOX demonizes plenty of things about America and Americans on a regular basis: Liberals, ACLU, NEA, mainstream media, environmentalists, "secularists" - the list of decent Americans and American institutions that FOX routinely knocks is quite lengthy. Last Monday's My Word column (4/18/05) on The Big Story expanded the list a bit further. Host John Gibson has decided - with FOX News' apparent approval - that those who disagree with President Bush are nuts.

Gibson called the column "Protecting The President From Nuts" and opened it with, "President Bush is getting some flak over the way his people operate those open forums he's doing all over the country in support of his Social Security ideas." Notice that he calls the forums "open" when he knows full well they are not.

He next says, "These are the same sorts of gatherings that the president used to have during his political campaign and, in fact, they are just a continuation of his political campaign." Wrong again. This is not part of a political campaign. The campaign is over, George W. Bush is president of all Americans and he is proposing policy changes to a program that affects all Americans.

In response to those who feel that all Americans should have the right to be admitted to an event where their president is speaking, Gibson says, "It is the president, after all, and you can't let every nut in to see him. There are safety concerns. But more importantly, who are we kidding? The people who are being denied entry are there to create a scene and try to take the attention away from the president's proposed programs. Does he have to let people in to disrupt him? No, he doesn't."

According to Gibson and other news reports, the ejectees were targeted as the result of a "No Blood for Oil" bumper sticker on their car. How does Gibson know that being against the Iraq war is the hallmark of a nut looking to create a scene? He doesn't explain but, apparently, the former implies the latter. Gibson asks, "OK, let's see: You run around with a bumper sticker that says the Iraq invasion was an oil grab at the expense of the lives of U.S. troops... and you think you have a right to attend one of the president's events?... Dream on and go find a Howard Dean rally."

Isn't freedom of speech one of the things that makes America - you know, the country that FOX News likes - so great? Seems to me FOX News wants to include only a select part of America and Americans in its good will. The rest of us can just stay away.

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