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"The Asman" & Fox News' Assault on Eliot Spitzer

Reported by Melanie - April 22, 2005

Fox News "personalities," David "The Asman" (as he calls himself), Brenda Buttner and Dagen McDowell were guests today (April 22, 2005) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto. They all gathered for a segment to promote Fox's Saturday morning string of "business news" shows, which Fox refers to as its "business block." During the discussion, "The Asman," the host of Saturday's "Forbes on Fox," said that Eliot Spitzer has a lot to do with the slow economy. (Comment: Phew. I thought Bush might have something to do with it.)

Responding to a statement by Cavuto about how "people are losing enthusiasm," "The Asman" said it was a "dull market," but there will be "good news on Forbes" (tomorrow's show). He said the "economy's getting a second wind partly because, last time I was here we said Eliot Spitzer is slowing up this economy by threatening to sue and run people out of Wall Street." But, "The Asman" said, Forbes on Fox will talk about David Boies, "the great lawyer," who's "going after Eliot Spitzer...he's going to be defending Hank Greenberg from AIG and Eliot Spitzer is going to be so tied up in this case that he won't have time to sue any other companies."

A minute later, Cavuto turned to "The Asman" again and asked why "we largely ignore good earnings." "The Asman's" unresponsive answer was: "Well, because, again, there are these overhangs in the market. The main overhang, I think, is the fact that they still haven't figured out who's going to be run out of business next, by Eliot Spitzer."

Comment: Eliot Spitzer is a Democrat and he's thinking about running for governor of New York. The Republicans must be quite frightened of him as Fox has been smearing Spitzer for months. Below are some examples. (Isn't it typical of the right's hypocrisy that David Boies, trashed when he represented the Gore campaign in its challenge to the 2000 election, is now a "great lawyer"?)

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