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Ble$$ings From Above

Reported by Melanie - April 19, 2005

Watching Fox's "premiere" business news show, Your World w/Neil Cavuto over the past many months, and certainly over the past several weeks, has been an eye opener. There was a time when I thought employment numbers, wholesale prices, and housing starts affected Wall Street. There was a time when I thought those numbers told us important information about the health of our economy. Now I know that when I watch that ticker scroll by I might actually be witnessing the results of "heavenly guidance" instead. Now I know that economies of whole countries can be influenced by "a blessing from above."

What a relief. It's so good to know that those boring statistics, some of which were released today, don't really matter after all.

Today (April 19, 2005), the "king of business news" opened with: "Not just the Vatican, it is enough to have even bitter traders rejoice, and today they did. Who's to say whether Pope Benedict XVI is responsible for the market stuff? Today though, who is really second guessing?"

Cavuto wondered if today's rise on Wall Street was "a case of heavenly guidance? We're actually going to explore that in a bit."


- Reporter Greg Burke in Rome.
- Fox VP John Moody (the guy who writes the memos setting the day's agenda), author of a book on Pope John Paul II.
- Arthur Serratelli, Bishop of the Diocese of Patterson, NJ
- Reporter Rick Leventhal in Rome.
- Rick Santorum (R-PA) on the new pope ("very pleased").
- Charles Zech, author of The Pope in America, and William Donahue, of the Catholic League.
- Reporter Brenda Buttner, asking whether the new pope will be a "blessing from above" for the German economy (maybe).
- Reporter Dagen McDowell (who Cavuto introduced with: "When was the last time the whole world celebrated as one?") on this "feel good moment" that "everyone" can share.
- Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus on the "fantastic selection."
- Greg Tobin, author of Selecting the Pope.
- Reporter Jamie Colby from Rome under the banner: "We Have a New Pope."
- Mark Serrano of a Catholic abuse survivors' group (SNAP).
- Cavuto, as he signed off before an ad break: "They say the skies opened up when Pope Benedict XVI appeared on the balcony. They say the stock market did too. Is there a connection? After this."
- John Devine, the CFO of General Motors, whom Cavuto introduced under a banner reading "Heavenly Help" and who spoke above a banner reading, "Devine on Pope."
- A three-guest roundtable discussing whether or not "all this attention being paid to the pope" will be "good for our wallets" (probably not).
- Common Sense, (the editorial segment during which Cavuto editorializes outside the on-going editorializing he does throughout the show) comparing the righteousness of popes to the righteousness of CEOs.

Comment: Amen! It's good to know we can dispense with pesky statistics and factual information. If the economy tanks, we can look for help from above, instead of looking to the White House. But, of course, if the economy tanks, you won't hear about it on Your World. (Is Your World really a sitcom?)

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