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With Friends Like These...

Reported by Ellen - April 15, 2005

Yesterday, on the O'Reilly Factor, one of the topics for discussion was a "Factor Follow-Up" on "Some major American newspapers in big trouble because of radical politics." O'Reilly introduced the segment by saying he thinks there's a growing gap between "most Americans who are moderate traditionalists and the growing left-wing radicalism of many American newspapers." Guests were John Avlon, from the New York Sun and "Democratic Strategist" Dan Gerstein (unidentified as a former senior advisor to Senator Joe Lieberman) who wrote an Op Ed for the Wall Street Journal about the "culture gap." Dan Gerstein spent so much time bashing the Democrats and liberals that I kept double-checking the screen to make sure he was really the Democratic spokesperson. I guess he must have been a Zell Miller/Dick Morris/Pat Cadell kind of FOX News Democrat.

Gerstein never disputed O'Reilly's assertion about "the growing left-wing radicalism" of newspapers. He seemed to support it. He said, "There's a cultural divide and it's much less about ideology than about class and in large respects religion. There is a secular part of the country that is dominant on the left - on the west and the east coasts - and then there is the rest of America which is very religious."

O'Reilly asked how this is evident in the newspaper industry.

Gerstein said it's because, essentially, the press is "largely secular, largely professional, largely well-educated and disproportionately so with the rest of America... The New York Times, in particular, they are catering to one audience but what it's doing is... driving away much of the rest of the country who doesn't like this sort of knee-jerk, predictable (interrupted by O'Reilly)."

From there, the conversation turned to one of FOX's favorite subjects: Democrat bashing.

BOR: Let me ask you as a Democrat, the best help Republicans can get is Michael Moore and Air America, those crazies. Do the Democrats know that?

Gerstein: I think the sane ones do... Unfortunately, I don't think much of the party does realize that. I think the MoveOn wing of the party is in ascendancy and it's gonna kill us. It's going to continue to drive our numbers down and create a greater culture divide in this country.

Gerstein next spoke about the Democrats allowing Michael Moore to sit next to Jimmy Carter at the national convention. "And have it on network television. There we're giving a place of prominence to Michael Moore and the (loony? BOR spoke over him) conspiracy theorists."

No mention, of course, of conservatives like Sean Hannity giving a place of prominence on his TV show to discredited doctors like William Hammesfahr and calling him a Nobel prize nominee.

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