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Hellfire and Brimstone Visit The Alan Colmes Show

Reported by Ellen - April 14, 2005

The latest in a long line of hate-filled and hateful guests on Alan Colmes' radio show was Pastor Fred Phelps, from Topeka, Kansas, who has a website called godhatesfags.com. Phelps was on hand to let the FOX News listening audience know why Pope John Paul II is in hell. Was Phelps sincere or just doing a schtick, as Colmes suspected? I'll report and let the readers decide.

Asked why the Pope went to hell, Phelps explained, "On his watch, he turned the Roman Catholic Church into the Church of the holy 'peedophiles.' He personally appoints each one of these bishops. He's got an intelligence system there that's the match of any in the world at any level and most of them all combined. He knows good and well when he assigns one of these bishops... he knows these people inside out and he knows they're fags... Knowing that they're gonna molest little children. Either he knows it or he's the dumbest son of a B that ever came down the track and on either count he ought not to be a pope of anything. He doesn't qualify to pastor a church with five members... If we could get visas into Italy, we'd picket his funeral."

Colmes said early on that he believed that Phelps is not serious, that he does it all as "schtick." After Phelps' last remark, Colmes said, "I can't even take you seriously."

"It's because you're so dumb, Alan."

Colmes: You picketed hundreds of Catholic churches in all 50 states since 1991. You say on your website that Catholics are the meanest, most violent people on earth... You claim their churches are filled with filthy fag priests.

Phelps: Absolutely.

Colmes: What are you going to do when the next pope is chosen? Picket that person as well?

Phelps: At every opportunity we'll picket him. Because you know in advance he's going to be a pervert.

Colmes mentioned that Phelps was disbarred as a lawyer in 1979 though, unfortunately, the exact reason was not given. Colmes merely said it was found that Phelps "had little regard for the ethics of the profession."

"I'm not gonna be confessing the sins of the Kansas Supreme Court," was all Phelps gave by way of explanation.

There was also a lengthy discussion of gays. "Faggots... are the most miserable people on earth, living on eating feces," Phelps said.

Colmes asked, "Do you think gays ought to be killed?"

"No I think the government ought to pass laws making it the death penalty... for engaging in sodomy... That's the Bible standard."

"You have such venom for gays, such hatred..."

"Where did you get that idea? I'm the only one that loves these beasts... If you love somebody, you tell them the truth (i.e. that they are doomed)."

Colmes asked if Phelps ever had a gay experience. (Comment: An excellent question, given Phelps' obsession for the topic)

Interestingly, Phelps never gave an outright denial. Instead, he said, "Alan get off of that. That's a filthy, impertinent question and you know the answer to it... and if you keep harping on it, you're gonna be talking to yourself."

I could only hope.

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