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The Big Question Was Big Fizzle

Reported by Judy - April 13, 2005

John Gibson said the Big Question on The Big Story on Wednesday (April 13) was whether former prostitutes should be able to teach "your" children. It was hard to miss because Gibson promoted the salacious topic at several breaks in the show before finally getting to it in the next to last segment. But after all the hype, Gibson's interview fizzled, largely because he of his ineptitude as an interviewer.

Gibson interviewed Sue Comfort from a women's group in Oregon about the legislation pending before an Oregan Senate committee. Asked why convicted prostitutes should be allowed to get teaching certificates, Comfort said they have done their time and should be able to get on with their lives.

Gibson then asked Comfort about the fact that no one had showed up to oppose the bill at a committee hearing. Comfort must have thought that was a stupid question to ask somebody who supports the bill. I guess Gibson wanted her to supply the arguments against the bill, as well as in support of it. So after saying she didn't know how to respond to Gibson's stupid question, Comfort said, "These women have paid their price. They've done what they needed to do. They've taken the time, the energy ... " when Gibson interrupted her.

"Can I finish please?" she asked.
"No," said Gibson.
"I haven't made my point yet," she said.
Gibson said she had made her point and then made a statement about kids looking up to reformed prostitutes and admiring them for getting their lives back together.

It was an incredibly lame attempt at trying to make controversy over a bill that nobody in Oregon has yet to get terribly excited about. Gibson was too lazy either to dig up somebody to oppose the bill that he could interview or to figure out on his own why people should dislike the bill, except that former prostitutes could be teaching your little kiddies.

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