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Arnold's Numbers Dropping? Or will he 'Be Back'?

Reported by Donna - April 13, 2005

Yesterday on Studio B, Rick Folbaum, substituting for Shepard Smith, announced that Arnold Schwarzenegger's poll numbers had drastically dropped from 59% in January to 49% in the last week of March.

Folbaum went to Anita Vogel in Fox's West Coast office for the story. Anita announced that "Arnold might not be as popular as he used to be."

The poll had come out of San Jose University. The results are recorded below:

Approve Disapprove

Adults 43% 43%

All Voters 49% 38%

The poll had an error rate of +/- 3.05

Fox immediately cut to Karen Henretty, who had a banner underneath her that read 'CA Republican Party' (she is a spokesperson for the Republican Party in California, Fox could have been a little clearer on this point) who lambasted the poll. She said that this was a partisan poll done by Grey Davis' former Communications Director and that Governor Scharzenegger had a very 'aggressive agenda' in California. (And an aggressive agenda, means low poll numbers, what?)

The camera then cut to Phil Trounstine, who was described as a San Jose State Pollster, who said that these were not 'made up' numbers, they were surveys of real voters, it was a non partisan, purist survey. He went on to say that he was sure that Governor Schwarzenegger had polls that show the same thing.

Vogel came on to explain 'why' Arnold's numbers may be faltering. She said as of late he has taken on the major unions in California, including teachers, nurses, police and firefighters. Just last week he had to drop his pension reform idea when police and firefighters widows 'begged' him not to follow through. He has threatened to change the teachers pay to be based on merit instead of tenure. Vogel pointed out that at Arnold's events there are not only supporters but 'gangs' of protesters who show up. (Guess he didn't hear about the 'loyalty oath' pledge)

But Fox wanted to be 'Fair'. So Vogel ended her story with the following: "We should point out that there are a couple of polls out there. The Charleton Report, which has ties to the Republican Party, has his popularity at 58% approval.

Comment: To say the last two sentences, Fox is inferring that San Jose is, indeed a partisan poll. Where did the 'partisan' poll information come from? Karen Hanretty, CA Republican Party. Isn't she, by definition, partisan? Why wasn't this Karen Hanretty, CA Republican Party, complaining in January when the San Jose State Poll had Governor Schwarzenegger at a 59% approval rate?

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