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Be Afraid ... Of Everything, Everyone, Everywhere, All The Time

Reported by Nancy - April 12, 2005 -

Yesterday on FNL (4/11) it was a fear-fest, with both Brigitte Quinn & David Asman hyping sleazy crime stories, health threats & even "wicked weather." In the midst of all their excitement over a "live hostage situation" in NJ, there was barely time to squeeze in the usual political spin, but they managed (& I'll post about that separately).

Fear-Fest included FNL's usual hype (insert big excalamation points next to every utterance from Quinn & Asman) & bloodlust, mixed with feigned outrage & phony compassion:

Stephen Stanko:
11:00am (all times ET) - Quinn announced a "nationwide alert" for a SC man wanted for murder, saying that police are "warning people to 'lock their doors' ." Jonathan Serrie reported that Stephen Stanko (former prison inmate & author of "Living in Prison") is "extremely dangerous." Quinn then interviewed, by phone, Police Lt Andy Christensen. Quinn, as usual, didn't so much ask questions as make statements (e.g., "he [Stanko] could be just about anywhere" & Stanko was interested in "serial killers") while lower-third graphics reinforced the theme: "suspect considered armed & dangerous."
11:13am teaser: SStanko
11:19am teaser: SStanko
11:29an ALERT & teaser for "ex-con" Stanko
11:32am ALERT - SStanko: "nationwide manhunt", "very dangerous"
11:40am teasers included: SStanko
11:42am ALERT with Quinn repeating there's a "nationwide alert" for Stanko who is "VERY dangerous"
11:59am - Asman announced a "massive manhunt" in SC for Stanko, saying "get this -- when the guy was in prison" he sued for early release. Then JSerrie essentially repeated his earlier report, adding that authorities are "worried" that it "may just be a matter of time" before Stanko goes to other parts of the country. Asman then interviewed Sheriff Lane Cribb (Georgetown SC) by phone. Asman opened by asking about Stanko's "interest" in serial killers; Cribb said Stanko "had lots of material" on that. Asman opined that Stanko's early release from prison "must get under your craw" & Cribb allowed that "maybe he shoulda stayed longer." Asman wondered if there was anything to suggest that Stanko was about to set off on a "killing spree" to which Cribb simply answered "no." Asman's tone seemed to be disappointed, & he asked what the sheriff was alerting locals about. Cribb said he's telling people "just to be real cautious" because "we don't know where he is" but described Stanko as "armed & dangerous" & pointed out that he "has killed twice & left a third juvenile for dead" so he "may be on the way" to being a serial killer. Asman said "Let's hope we get him before" then.
12:15pm - Asman update re Stanko, emphasizing that "2 professors helped this guy write a book" while he was in prison
12:30pm teasers included: Stanko (Asman's opinion: "did his early release lead to the death of 2 people?")
12:40 teasers included: Stanko
12:48 teasers included: Stanko

Jessica Lunsford
11:40am teasers included:JLunsford
11:43am Quinn interviewed Nancy Argenziano (R, FL State Representative & sponsor of the "Jessica Lunsford Act"). Quinn was mainly interested in "toughen penalties" & Argenziano barely got to explain her "very comprehensive" proposal; the interview end after about 2 mins because FNL has to go to ...

Almutah Saunders:
11:45am ALERT so Quinn could announce an Amber Alert in NJ because ASaunders shoots grandma & "takes off with" 4-month-old Jada & her mom [note: it was never clear during this program what, if any, relationship exists between ASaunders & Jada, whose last name was not given; ASaunders apparently has a relationship with the baby's mom, whose name was also not given]. Asman interviewed, by phone, Michael Damiano (director, Irvington NJ Police Dept) who started off by correcting the report to say it was the grandfather who was shot & is expected to recover. He also said the vehicle had been stopped at NJ-PA border. Asman could barely control his excitement that it was "now a hostage situation", showing a "live shot" of the car stopped & surrounded, with nothing really happening. Damiano tried to be calm, saying that "time is on our side" & that he hopes the situation concludes "safely for everyone" but FNL was running lower-third graphics hyping "Standoff in NJ." Asman seemed surprised that the police were "just gonna wait this out" & asked if the feds were involved (answer: not at this point). Asman asked whether the "whole area" was "cordoned off" & Damiano said yes, adding that they were using copters too, calling the situation "well-contained" & repeating the "priority is safety for everyone." As FNL went to an ad break, Asman said it was a "very tense" situation.
11:53am - ALERT so Quinn could talk about the "drama" playing out in NJ, commenting that the "fate of that beautiful little girl is at stake", calling Jada a "precious little girl." Asman chimed in that the tension is "very thick" but law enforcement is in control & "time is on their hands right now" [comment: he probably meant 'on their side' but he said 'on their hands']. Asman described ASaunders as "EXTREMELY dangerous" & echoed Quinn, calling the baby "precious cargo". Asman summed it up with: "his intentions appear to be very dangerous indeed."
11:58am Asman announced a "very tense Fox News ALERT" - what started out as a kidnapping, has turned into a stand-off. Asman, in describing the video FNL was showing viewers, said police had their "guns at the ready."
12:06pm - ALERT for update on hostage situation in NJ, with Asman saying the "cameras [are] prevented from being too close" because they don't want to add to "tension".
12:12pm video of "live standoff" in NJ.
12:19pm update on NJ with Asman saying not much has changed, you "could cut the tension with a knife."
12:23pm tape from NJ, then live from NJ with Asman saying the "cops are gonna wait it out & so are we."
12:33pm ALERT so Asman could announce that emergency vehicles are "at the ready" adding "let us hope & pray" they're not needed.
12:42pm ALERT for more info re what may have led to hostage situation in NJ. Asman said Saunders has a history with the mom, has been a suspect in attempted kidnapping of the mom, is threatening to kill mom, kid & self.

11:05am Quinn showed video of a twister & of a blizzard near Denver to intro Janice Dean's weather report; even Dean got caught up in the hype, saying Harris County (TX) was "in line of fire"
11:16am - more video of Denver snow
11:23am BQ snow in Denver & JDean rpt weather report esp re tornado warnings
11:35am David Asman joined Quinn & showed video of twisters in KA & snow in CO to intro a report from Alicia Acuna in Denver re snowstorm there.
12:04pm - Asman commented on "wicked weather" in Denver & AAcuna essentially repeated her earlier report
12:40 teasers included: tornados "rippin' through Kansas"

11:37am Phil Keating in Dallas reported on a "superbug" resistant strain of Staph (MRSA).
11:39am Asman reported on FDA hearings re silicon implants
11:39am Quinn reported that Peter Jennings "steps away from the news desk & into the hospital"
12:30pm teasers included: MRSA ("how do you prevent a loved one from getting it?")
12:36pm PKeating essentially repeated his earlier report on MRSA.

Miscellaneous sleaze:
12:34pm Jim Hammer reported on the MJackson trial.
12:35pm Asman said an autopsy will be done today on a football player who died during a game.
12:35pm Asman reported that police in FL arrested an "Apprentice" contestant.
12:51 Lisa Bernhard interviewed Reiko Aylesworth from the Fox show "24". FNL showed plenty of video from the show, & lower-third graphics described it as "Fighting TV Terror in Real Time." Bernhard asked about a short movie that Aylesworth had starred in that was directed by Alex Kerry (John Kerry's daughter). Bernhard ended with a plug for "24".

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