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A new twist on hating America on Big Story

Reported by Chrish - April 12, 2005

Usually John Gibson does his "everybody hates me (US)" diatribe during his "My Word" segment. Today 4/12/05 he had a guest on to do it for him, and promoted a NY Post opinion piece in the "My Word" segment.

To reinforce his "they hate us" mentality, Gibson had as guest Nancy Snow, who is teaching a class on anti-Americanism at the University of Southern California.

Asked "Why?" is she teaching this class, she responded that there was a survey presented to an audience in Vancouver, BC, asking about the attacks of September 11. To her amazement as a US citizen, in answer to the question of who thought the US government had something to do with the attacks, over half the audience raised their hands. (Comment: I heard recently on C-Span that over 60% of New Yorkers now think the same thing, and they are not alone .) According to Ms. Snow, "These were Canadians, and there was a very strong anti-American sentiment. It really didn't begin with the war in Iraq, it's been around for decades, and I felt strongly as an educator that young people need to pay attention to this topic and really care about it, look back in history to when America was seen as truly great; the Marshall Plan era, World War II, greatest generation, my father who recently passed was a part of that generation, so we're looking at it from many angles including from across the political spectrum."

Gibson: "Some people say, as you well know, that this is all America's fault. The hating America, the anti-Americanism, is the fault of America's international bullying, its unilateralism, its failure to cooperate in international agreements...are those people right?"

Snow doesn't "believe that to be true at all. I think every nation has its problems, has its challenges. When you think about it, we are the sole superpower and with that comes an image and a reputation where everybody has something to say on the subject, whether it's hot or cold, positive or negative. Really, nobody's neutral about the United States. We have an enormous responsibility to present a more balanced image of ourselves in the world and no-one else is gonna do this for us but the United States, and that's why I want to teach this course this fall at USC, where by the way it has the largest number of foreign students in the country, so I hope to have a balance of int'l with American students."

Gibson asked "you're talking about anti-Americanism among our 'friends' - Canada is supposedly our friend, Britain..France..Germany..Italy..Jordan..Saudi Arabia..Egypt..right?"

"But we're looking at those who traditionally hate us...we're looking at a lot of the hate speech which comes across on the Internet (uh-oh)...but as I was saying when I was in Canada I didn't expect quite the negative sentiment. There seemed to be a mixed impression of the United States; they love us and hate us. And I find this in my travels. There are some predictable nations where you expect them to always hate the United States....but we should be concerned when our traditional allies aren't really there as partners. And in the WOT and in Iraq...we need to come together...."

John Gibson wants to know Whose. Fault. Is. This. Is it America's fault, or bad attitudes on the part of our "so-called friends"?

Ms. Snow thinks it is nobody's fault but everyone's collective responsibility, and should come under Karen Hughes' new job as head of America's Public Diplomacy campaign.

Comment: Ms. Snow came this close to noting that many of our detractors dislike the Bush administration but still like the American people. I think Ms. Snow may try to take an honest look at our past to discover where/when things went wrong. Although she reinforced Gibson's favorite whine, she did not support his childish notions of "jealousy" and "freedom-hating".

The "My Word" segment was sourced by sister company The New York Post (without acknowledging the incestuous relationship, natch) which to the discerning viewer diminishes it by half again. As it was already diminished by half by virtue of coming in Gibson's rant space, we begin our story with a .25 credibility rating.

Gibson basically condensed an editorial written by Amir Taheri which asserts that Osama Bin Laden is losing/has lost his influence in Al Queda and Ayman al-Zawahiri has become the leader. OBL's vision of another attack on the US is fading, according to Gibson/Taheri, and the likely place for a recongregation of Al Queda is Saudi Arabia.

Comment: This was wildly out of character for the segment. Gibson basically channeled the editorial for Taheri>The Post>Murdoch>the WH. It leads one to believe it is a set-up for a new emphasis on 'terrah' which Byron York, in the previous segment , insinuates could be needed politically: "...there's no reason that political conditions in the country could not change to favor Democrats. The 'war on terror' could become less urgent in the public mind..." and it would be up to Fox News to put it back on the front burner.

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