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Carl Cameron gets in digs at Clinton, Kerry during papal update

Reported by Chrish - April 7, 2005

Carl Cameron reported from Rome today 4/7/05 on Special Report with Brit Hume. Here are a few tidbits from the otherwise ho-hum report:

BH: "The flood of visitors to Rome for the funeral of Pope John Paul II has surpassed even the most enormous annual Muslim pilgrimmage to Mecca."

Comment: What is the point of injecting this "competitive" comparison?

CCC: "For his part, president Bush stayed largely out of sight so as not to overshadow the pope's funeral and legacy with politics of the day."

Comment: Overshadow? What hubris. Spun the other way, Bush stayed out of sight so there would not be the unseemly sound of booing at the Pope's funeral.

BH invited CC to comment on John Kerry's appearance on crutches, attributed to arthroscopic knee surgery, and on Bill Clinton's "comments apparently on the way over, it's been considerable talk about it today in this country on talk radio in particular..." Cameron could not stop the big grin that appeared on his face momentarily.
Basically Clinton "raised some eyebrows when he said the Pope might have had a mixed legacy." Clinton said the number of Catholics increased during the Pope's tenure (well of course it did; they're against birth control!) but the number of priests dropped. Turns out the number of priests in the USA dropped but not worldwide. As for Kerry's knee, Cameron couldn't resist the dig "not withstanding all that windsurfing, activitiy, athleticism during the campaign,..."

Comment: Talk radio is desperate if they're turning that statement into a big deal. And Carl seems to be implying Kerry's athleticism was part of his campaign packaging, unlike, say, Bush's good-old-boy brush-clearin' pick-up drivin' jet-landin' folksiness.

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