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Asman Lives in Glass House, Throws Stones

Reported by Nancy - April 7, 2005 -

Yesterday (4/6) on FNL, David Asman treated viewers to a particularly ludicrous installment of his "Asman Observer" segment. In trying to bash the New York Times, he was the pot calling the kettle black. As any well-indoctrinated Fox staffer would say: "Wait'll ya hear what he's whining about now!"

The title of this particular piece was Who's in Need of Rejuvenation? & he started off with a bang:

The New York Times was never a great fan of Pope John Paul II ... Even their Sunday obituary managed a final dig at Pope John Paul II. The Times obituary focused on the pope’s deteriorating physical condition and then said: “Some critics said it was a symbol of a papacy in need of rejuvenation.” Of course, the Times obituary never tells us who “some critics” are.

But the Catholic News Service asks the following about those unnamed critics: “How many of those critics are below retirement age themselves? How many are the tired old anti-warhorses of the 1960s? How many of them could stand a bit of rejuvenation? And how many of those ‘critics,’ who pride themselves on their appeal to the younger generation, are still waiting for the kids to join in singing Kumbaya— and wondering why there were tens of thousands of teenagers in St. Peter's Square, praying, all weekend?”

Asman wrapped up his little diatribe by archly suggesting it's the NYTimes that's in need of rejuvenation.

Comments: You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried -- Asman whining about a competitor using a standard Fox ploy ("some say"). That alone would be worth the price of admission, but I had scanned the obit & didn't recall such a phrase. So I went back & read it carefully -- all 19 pages. It covers the Pope's entire life, his writings, his travels, his policies & his politics, as well as his health. Sorry, David: no such phrase. That's what happens when you're a mouthpiece for the Catholic News Service, don't check your sources & try to bash an organization that actually practices "real journalism."

I did find two phrases that remotely resembled what Asman got so worked up about:

There were voices of concern that the pope's illness might create a vacuum of leadership for the church, and talk of a possible resignation.


Critics said he devoted too much attention to Poland and Eastern Europe and not enough to Western Europe early in his papacy. But his refusal to accept the Iron Curtain contributed forcefully to Communism's fall, and in later years he generally supported European political and cultural unification. He also made religious reconciliation a major concern.

Neither mentions "rejuvenation" at all. Here's the *full* NYT obituary, all 19 pages of it, if you want to read it. The NYTimes has a *lot* of articles about the Pope, his death, etc. The phrase could have appeared elsewhere, but it's not in that Sunday obituary.

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