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Ann Coulter: Just a Mean-talking Blonde in Leather

Reported by Judy - April 7, 2005

Don't judge a book by its cover -- unless you see Ann Coulter on the jacket. Then you can figure the inside is every bit the big waste of time it appears. That was the case with Coulter’s How to Talk to a Liberal (If you Must): The World According to Ann Coulter. Like her appearances as a television pundit, this book appeals to people who like blondes in leather who talk mean.

The book, of course, has very little about how to talk to a liberal. The first eighteen pages have a few rules for talking to a liberal: Don't be defensive, you must outrage the enemy, never apologize to a liberal; never compliment a Democrat, and so on. Everything you would expect Ann Coulter to say. Rather than any sort of sustained argument, the bulk of the book is nothing more than a collection of Coulter columns -- in other words, insults and lies strung together and piled on top of each other, and then repeated in the next column on a completely different topic.

Coulter's lying has been well-documented elsewhere. Al Franken worked her over pretty good in Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them. The internet has several sites dedicated to uncovering her lies. Columbia Journalism Review found serious problems with a number of her facts in one of her previous books. One poor guy ran a site for six months on Coulter's lies. And I thought I earned a medal reading 344 pages of her invective. Suffice it to say, this book is full of the same kind of bad information and material taken out of context -- deliberately or otherwise -- as the others, so let's look at something new.

For starters, Ann Coulter is misogynistic. She has good things to say about only a handful of women -- Barbara Olson, her friend who died on Sept. 11 in the plane that hit the Pentagon, is one. Coulter's attacks on Senator Hillary Clinton are legion, but in this book Coulter calls Senator Clinton a "lamp-throwing harpie" and "Dragon Lady." She goes beyond name-calling to guilt-by-association. Coulter connects Senator Clinton to anything President Clinton did, as in "America's Most Famous Perjurer and his wife." Any government policy she doesn't like she describes as "HillaryCare," as in federal airport security is "HillaryCare for the Airports."

Then there Coulter's descriptions of other women. Supreme Court nominee and now Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is "obviously crazier than a bedbug." Margaret Carlson is a "former Clinton Kool-Aid drinker." And the widows of 9/11 victims are "McWidows." It’s not just that Coulter hates liberal women, but that she so rarely has anything positive to say about any conservative women. She doesn’t mention Laura Bush, Elizabeth Dole, Kay Bailey Hutchison, and so on, but she does call Condi Rice "very smart."

Coulter's woman-hating goes beyond name-calling. In her diatribe against feminism, Coulter claims that women didn't work until feminism came along. Didn't work? Didn't get paid for it maybe, but the women I know did plenty of work. Of course, if it weren't for feminism, Coulter would be sitting at home "not working" instead of appearing on cable television.

If Coulter wants to trivialize or demean something, she uses variations of "girl" or "woman" to describe it, as in "girl priests;" "pointless, womanly complaint(s)" made by liberals; and Augusta National’s "no girls" policy.” To demean journalists (and we do plenty of that here), Coulter says that in journalism "even the men are women." In my opinion, being a woman is a pretty cool thing. In using "girl" and "woman" in such fashion, however, Coulter broadcasts her contempt for all women, including herself.

Furthermore, Coulter is a poor prognosticator. Soon after the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, Coulter proclaimed that Osama bin Laden is "D-E-D." Unfortunately, he has been showing up on videos from time to time. Coulter also predicted Hillary Clinton would lose to Rudy Giuliani in the New York Senate race, but the former first lady is now Senator Clinton and the former New York mayor is making motivational speeches on the Rotary Club circuit after dropping out of the race.

Coulter claims that liberals believe in one set of rules for themselves and another set for everybody else, but she shows herself to be the practitioner par excellence of that when she discusses airline safety. She supports racial profiling, by which she means searching all "swarthy males" getting on airplanes because "we know who the homicidal maniacs are." Presumably that would include her former boss, former Sen. Spencer Abraham, R-Michigan, who is an Arab, but it would not have included the women who brought down the two airliners in Russia last August. Coulter also belittles the plight of some Arabs who were wrongly held for a week. But, boy, does she whine about the trials and tribulations of having to go through airport security herself, having her carry-on bag searched, and losing a silver charm shaped like a bullet that had "sentimental value." "I want it back," she whined. No sympathy here. Those Arabs lost a whole week of their lives.

Coulter's most consistent tactic is stringing together insults against prominent Democrats and dropping them into every column, regardless of the topic. These are the phrases designed to get a Democrat’s blood pressure up and which earn her the title "polemicist" rather than "commentator" or "analyst." Some examples:
--JKF was "a stupefied drug addict."
--Ted Kennedy is a drunk and a murderer, and Coulter says he "honors the memory of his deceased family members with several belts every day," thus using the assassination of a president to take a cheap political shot.
--John Kerry is a "trophy husband," "gigolo" and "a poodle to rich women" for marrying two wealthy women. In Ann Coulter’s world, women should marry rich men, not the other way around.

And where can I start with her treatment of former President Clinton? He is the Left's "favorite criminal," a rapist, "Bill 'These Allegations are False' Clinton; an "Impeached Felon," "lying felon," and on and on.

Let's copy Coulter's writing style in comments to this post. Every time you refer to Rudy Giuliani, he is New York’s adulterer in chief; so is Bernie Kerick. Rush Limbaugh is a "stupefied drug addict." Laura Bush is a "murderer" since she, too, killed someone in a car accident. John Tower is a drunk crawling out of the Rio Grande with a pint of scotch in his pocket. Therefore, from now on, the Republican Party should be referred to as the party of adulterers, murderers, and drunks.

Remember one of Coulter's rules: "Start with the maximum assertion about liberals, and then push the envelope, because, as we know, their evil is incalculable. They stand for the godless rule of dictators. They apologize for abortion, adultery, and everything bestial in society. They support al Qaeda and the Taliban as they once supported Stalin and Mao. … This crowd is always in search of approval from people who want to harm America. Nothing too extreme can be said about liberals, because it's all true."

So go for it. Be creative, be mean, be Ann Coulter. As for the trolls, if you can't take it, blame Ann Coulter.

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