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On FNC, "Four" Equals "Vast"

Reported by Nancy - April 6, 2005 -

Last night (4/5) on Special Report, Brit Hume used his one-on-one interview segment to promote a new book by Byron York, "The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy".

At 6:21pm (ET) Hume interviewed York. According to Hume, it was Karl Rove's "master plan" the "inspired" Dems in the 2004 campaign. York said that Rove's "master plan" was a 72-hr task force that took "mountains" of info & boiled it down into a PowerPoint presentation, & in the spring of 2003 Dems obtained a copy of that. Hume wanted to know how they got it, & York said he had asked Rove directly, & Rove "didn't know" & "was surprised" that Dems had it. According to York, in July 2003 George Soros decided to spend "as much money as it takes" to beat Bush, & Soros commissioned some consultants & one of those had a copy of the Rove document (again according to York, that consultant called it "unintentionally available"). So the consultants went to Soros's "mansion in the Hamptons" & showed him parts of the Rove plan. York said that Dems were doing similar research & similar efforts, in "new ways of doing voter turnout." York said Soros gave millions of dollars to Americans Coming Together (ACT), the largest Dem 527 dedicated to voter turnout. York noted that the 5 biggest Dem donors gave a combined $78M together, while the "entire federal government" gave $75M to Bush & Kerry. Hume asked if this was the VLWC, & York said it was "MoveOn's 527, Air America, Soros, ACT" working together in "rather close coordinaion". Hume said Dems did great job re voter turnout, as did GOPs, in the 2004 election, then asked if Dems did such a great job, "why did they lose?" York said Kerry deserves the credit for that.

Disclaimer: Several newshounds were approached by York late last year while he was researching this book, & newshound Ellen did speak with him about our work on the movie "Outfoxed."

Comment: The reactionaries are so starved for ideas they can't even come up with a clever name of their own, but have to crib a line from Hillary Clinton! This would be laughable if it weren't so twisted. According to York, two 527s + one radio station + one individual = VLWC. If you tried to document the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy on a table of organization, you'd have to use the Great Wall of China to fit it all in. Lets talk about Richard Mellon Scaife, & the Coors family, & the Hoover Inst, & Rush Limbaugh, & the American Enterprise Inst, & the Weekly Standard, & Matt Drudge, & Grover Norquist, & Americans for Tax Reform, & the Washington Times, & ... well, you get the idea.

Still waiting for Hume to interview a progressive ...

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