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John Gibson oozes hate and contempt for Third World nations, UN

Reported by Chrish - April 6, 2005

John Gibson used his "My Word" segment of the Big Story to rant and rail against (fill in the blank with progressive person/institution/idea) and to support (fill in the blank with far-right-wing person/misconduct/anti-democratic idea). Tuesday 4/5/05 it was the UN and John Bolton.

..."Mr Bolton has been chosen by president Bush to be the Ambassador to the UN. Some might argue that the only thing the ambassador to the UN should do is drop by to deliver our resignation letter, and the demand to get out of the US. That's not why Bolton is going to the UN. He's going there to give the 190 other nations in the UN a dose of reality, which goes like this:

We're sick of this organization operating as an anti-American one-upsmanship club.

We're sick of paying the bills and getting trashed by every tin-pot dictator the UN can invite into its midst.

We're sick of the UN acting as if the world or the UN can get along without the US.

And we're sick of all of you working against good ideas just because they come from the US or president Bush.

The list of 'we're sick ofs' could go on and on but I'll stop there. Somebody's got to tell them, because the Brits won't, the French won't, because they're the worst offenders, and that vast collection of fat kleptocrats, so-called diplomats from the Third World won't either. That latter group includes a huge number of so-called nations, little more than spots on the map that would get invaded, taken over, subsumed, eliminated, except no-one wants to get stuck with their problems of poverty and disease and corruption. So, by benefit of their sorry state they get to maintain their independence and membership in the UN and the right to complain, endlessly, about the US. It's a motley crew that is largely meaningless in terms of how the world is run, or how things turn out, but they want respect, they want to be a voice in big decisions, and they want people like George Bush and John Bolton to notice them. They would be better appreciated and noticed if they made less noise. Bolton needs to tell them that even if they don't want to hear it and oh just by the way, five former Secretaries of State have now written a letter to the Senate recommending John Bolton be confirmed as the UN Ambassador. That is My Word."

Comment: Anytime a troll accuses Dems and other progressives of being haters, cut and paste this little gem.

That Fox allows this kind of divisive insulting unprofessional crap to go on day after day, and from one of its "premier" "journalists" yet, just goes to show what a propaganda outlet they are.

Complain to myword@foxnews.com and Comments@foxnews.com

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