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Fox's Big Story thankfully all Poped out

Reported by Chrish - April 6, 2005

The Big Story with John Gibson today 4/5/05 spent only 7 minutes on the solemnities concerning the Pope's death. They were back to shallow reporting and skimming important-looking topics but the important news of the day, the Big Story, did not materialize.

The top story was the announcement that Peter Jennings has lung cancer. Fox News Watch host Eric Burns joined Gibson in the studio to discuss Jennings and his career so far. I was struck that Jennings was not once referred to as a journalist. Burns commented that he (PJ) is a "smooth performer", a "knowledgeable man", and a "good teleprompter reader". Comment: A classic Fox tactic, diminishing the competition/opposition so that viewers can more easily dismiss them. Rather and Brokaw are gone; if his health improves (as I sincerely hope it does) Jenning will need to be taken down a few pegs.

Bret Baier next covered a few Iraq-related stories: a cameraman injured during a gun fight; a widow receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor for her deceased husband; and answered John Gibson's question about the recent attack on Abu Ghraib "...does that suggest to us that things are getting so desperate they gotta go get the guys already scooped up?" Short answer: yes.
Comments: Peter Jennings needn't worry about John Gibson getting his job - can you imagine that kind of dumbed-down talk on World News Tonight? And the insurgents have been "desperate" for years now.

Gibson had a meaningless conversation with Retired Brigadier General Nick Halley about how the terrorists/Iraq insurgents (used interchangeably) are changing their strategy. The upshot was, they don't want the government to succeed. Gibson made the observation that if the insurgents wanted the US out of Iraq, all they had to do was stop the bombings and we'd be gone in a heartbeat. Halley said we couldn't do that because then they would just wait us out and after we left they'd insurge all over again. (wildly paraphrased)

Comment: It is laughable that after two years of "reporting" on this war Gibson thinks the US is even considering getting out of Iraq anytime soon. I guess if he only watches Fox he is unaware of the 14 permanent military bases we've been building over there (while we shut 'em down here). But hey, he's a good teleprompter reader.

There was the obligatory Michael Jackson segment, a segment on the faux terrorist drill in NJ/CT, a segment on oil prices (which could spike as high as $100-$110/barrel according to Goldman Sachs), a papal segment, and the final interview of the program, with Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Gibson, who supports the USA PATRIOT Act, says "Well, I don't know about you, but I haven't seen any terror attacks here. It must be working good. Why change it?"

Napolitano says that both Attorneys general Ashcroft and Gonzalez said they needed it to prosecute terrorist but to date not one single terrorist has been caught or prosecuted using the powers of the act. Other criminals and crimes have been, including prostitution, pornography, and political corruption in Las Vegas. Gibson interjects about the horrific crime where a woman stole another woman's growing fetus and the powers were used to track the killer; Napolitano says they have not used it as they said they need it, to prosecute terrorists.

Gibson then says the totally puzzling "Well we didn't find WMDs either" and Napolitano says "right."

The judge believes the USA PATRIOT Act is seriously flawed and unconstitutional. He says it has been used in various criminal investigations - - but not as it was promised. We Newshounds will give kudoes to him for being a staunch defender of the rule of law and the US Constitution. It is reassuring to know that there is a voice of sanity amidst all the lunatics who basically want to overthrow the US government, from within.

He pointed out three serious problems with the Act that are NOT coming up for debate: the "sneak and peek", in which federal agents enter your home and put spying devices on your phones and/or computers, and make it look like a burglary; the "self-serve search warrant", which requires no judicial overview; and the "thou shall not speak" imperative, where the victims of the above infringements may not tell anyone, not a spouse, a parent, a lawyer, no one. He asserts these are direct violations of the Constitution and are not subject to sunset clause and probably won't even be debated by Congress.

The show ended with another "My Word" Gibson rant (seperate post).

NO Mention: Tom DeLay deepening scandals; HB 256 bankruptcy bill (postponed); aw heck, go here for real news.

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