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Fox has a new expression - 'We've Been Told.....'

Reported by Ellen - April 6, 2005

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith the coverage was wall to wall about the Pope. But not exactly the Pope, the coverage seemed to be focused on the crowds outside. Endless shots of the crowds of people as Smith delivered his show while walking alongside of them.

Smith managed to take a break from the crowds to do an interview with Frank Gaffney, former Assistant Secretary of State. Smith asked Gaffney if the selection of a Kurd as the new President of Iraq was a uniting or divisive move and Gaffney went into a diatribe of 'we've been told....'

Gaffney said it would be a 'uniting' moment (you didn't think he'd say divisive, did you?) and then he said,

"We've been told that we couldn't suppress the terrorists in order to hold elections -- wrong.

We've been told that Sunni's would not participate - wrong.

We've been told that the Shia's and Kurd's would not share power with the Sunni's - wrong."

He went on to say that this president would work to bring about freedom to all of Iraq like he did for the Kurds, even though earlier on in the program, Smith reported that the postition of 'President' in Iraq was more or less a 'ceremonial post' with the real power being held by the Prime Minister, who has not yet been named.

Comment: I'm sure the 'we've been told' is being used the same way that 'some people say' has been used on Fox. Just like that expression we don't know who the 'we' is in the 'we've been told'. My instincts tell me that this was a jab at Democrats and the left wing. However, they didn't report with such fervor, the fact that they pulled the plug on broadcasting the council when they met last week and couldn't stop arguing or so 'we've been told'.

Of Special Note: It was reported that a tv was put in Saddam Hussein's jail cell so that he could view the election of the new President, Jalal Talabani. It was also reported that Hussein has gotten angry before when he's seen actions of the new government.

Reported by: Donna

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