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Trying To Paint The Pope Republican

Reported by Ellen - April 5, 2005

If you thought FOX News' pandering to the Schindler family was disgraceful, you'll probably turn apoplectic over the "Real Journalism, Fair and Balanced" network's efforts to portray Pope John Paul II as soulmate and confederate of Ronald Reagan.

The title of the article on the FOX News website sums it up: Reagan, John Paul II United in Purpose (Notice who gets top billing).

The article begins:

The passing of Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan in the same year underscores a great coincidence of history: Nearly three decades ago, two men shared the same view of communism and the same vision of ending it, and they both stepped onto the world stage at roughly the same time.

Comment: Funny, but when Reagan died last summer - an event that was covered ad nauseam by FOX - I don't remember any mention of his similarity to the Pope or any other closeness. At that time, Reagan singlehandedly (it seemed) brought down communism, with no thanks to the Pope. Now FOX would have you believe they worked shoulder-to-shoulder.

(John Paul II and Reagan) delivered a one-two punch to communist domination. President Reagan pressured it from the outside while the pope's efforts undermined it from within.

It's easy to miss the first part of that sentence: "Though it isn't clear how much the two men cooperated."

It seems pretty clear to me - not much.

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