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In Their Eyes Still Hanoi Jane

Reported by Deborah - April 5, 2005

Hannity and Michael Reagan were unable to summon Christian forgiveness for Jane Fonda who recently published a memoir, My Life So Far where she expressed regret for her trip to Hanoi during the Vietnam war. When Colmes and Bob Beckel joined the mix defending Fonda, Michael Reagan became unglued actually screaming on air. 4/05/05

A video clip of Jane Fonda during an interview was shown where she was expressing her deep regret for her visit to a Hanoi military installation where she was photographed next to an anti aircraft gun.
" I will go to my grave regretting that image of Jane Fonda sitting on an enemy anti aircraft gun.As if thumbing my nose at the Country that gave me such privilege."

Hannity claimed that his Christian faith told him to forgive but he was not convinced adding that he had played old audio clips of Fonda speaking out against the Vietnam war on his show earlier today.
Michael Reagan had no problem pounding Fonda claiming that it was another sad Hollywood story with a woman with no self esteem.Hannity and Reagan told viewers that Fonda had claimed no regrets about her trip to Hanoi.

Colmes set the record straight telling viewers that Fonda had no regrets because she was able to connect with the POW's which was her main objective. Beckel then chastized conservatives who never fought in Vietnam yet still can criticize others.

Michael Reagan exploded like a grenade. "How dare you. My Father's best friend Jimmy Stewart lost a son in that war."Reagan kept yelling at Beckel with an intensity that went way beyond the situation looking pretty unstable. Beckel and Colmes refused to back down and the segment was ended with a break.

Here's an interesting fact about Fonda that was not mentioned on H&C tonight. Today during an interview on Fresh Air, Fonda told Terry Gross that she became a Christian after her painful breakup with Tom Hayden claiming that her faith has helped her get her life on track.
Fonda explained that she was raised in an athiest home and embracing Christianity has been healing.

Comment: Conservatives like to practice selective forgivness. Bush is totally forgiven for his drinking problem and shoddy military record during the Vietnam War. Jerry Falwell and Newt Gingrich have been forgiven for their adultery and Bob Bennett's gambling addiction is a thing of the past.Tom DeLay is granted perpetual forgiveness for all he has done in the past, present and future and Dr. Frist was only thinking about attaining medical knowledge when he adopted all those cats and then used them for experiments.

On the other hand, Bill Clinton can never be forgiven for having consensual sex. When Clinton's painfully honest and self incriminating memoir came out, he was, as always, ridiculed by the right.

Michael Reagan's sneers about Fonda's life being just "another Hollywood Story" is unbelievably hypocritical. How would Reagan describe his own story? Despite his constant posing about his tight relationship with his Father, that was not the case. You don't need to be Freud to figure out that Michael Reagan has some major issues relating to his childhood. Maybe that would explain his irrational explosion on air.

So why didn't the righteous brothers discuss Fonda's Christianity. If she had been a conservative, we would have heard every detail of the spiritual epiphany and Hannity would have been so supportive and forgiving.No, it's more important to keep Hanoi Jane alive as a symbol for the right even though she never really existed.

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