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The Real Reason the Right "Cares" about Terri Schiavo

Reported by Melanie - March 31, 2005

Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family, and the Rev. Pat Robertson were both guests today (March 31, 2005) on the Fox "business" show, Your World w/Neil Cavuto. Singer Pat Boone and Fox pundit Cal Thomas brought up the rear and all in all, I think the four of them explained why the right was so concerned about Terri Schiavo.

Substitute host Brenda Buttner opened the show by telling the audience that it would hear "why Pat Boone calls Schiavo a modern day Joan of Arc and why the Reverend Pat Robertson calls her death a judicial execution."

Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family: It's been a "teary day" and a "teary few weeks" when you "consider what was done" to Terri Schiavo.

Dobson: "Terri's death has sent a cold wind and a shudder down the backs of disabled people and those who love them. Because if this can happen to an essentially healthy but mentally disabled woman, state ordered murder, cause that's the way we see it, it can happen to others."

Dobson: God "sometimes allows evil men to do evil things." There's "no question about it. Judge Greer is an evil man. He not only cruely ordered the death of this woman, this slow painful death," he has made life "uncomfortable for her." She "hasn't been able to even go, she hasn't even been outside that room in five years except for just a very brief trip to another facility. The windows are drawn." President Bush and Governor Bush, "they're not the enemies. The enemies are really the people on the courts that could have rescued Terri and were ordered to re-evaluate and didn't do it."

Dobson: "It's time that the congress fulfill its constitutional responsibility to rein in the courts, the Constitution, Article 3, Section 1, gives the congress responsibility for all courts below the Supreme Court level. They can end the franchise, if you will, of a particular court. They can bring judges who make off-the-wall decisions to congress to explain what they've done." The "court is arrogantly thumbing its nose at every other form of authority."

Pat Boone: It's a "grotesque paradox" to see the Pope being kept alive by "using the same methods that were taken away from Terri Schiavo." The "whole idea is like a 1984 Orwellian kind of nightmare." It's "all so far out of balance and I think Terri will prove to be our Joan of Arc."

Boone: "Terri has been put to death publicly and slowly in a tortured manner in front of the whole world on charges that amount really to hearsay."

Host Brenda Buttner, introducing Pat Robertson: "There is momentum here and this whole move against the judiciary seems to be what's coming out most strongly."

Cal Thomas: If Bush "makes this a cause celeb" he might be able to rally support to change the "out of control judiciary" however, "this may be a reflection of the materialistic in-Dow-we-trust, not in God culture in which we live," in which case no amount of "trickle down morality is going to flow from Washington."

Pat Robertson, on the Pope: I "hate to see a great man suffer the way he is and to be put on public display" with his voice slurring. Those "in authority" should "let him have the rest that he so richly deserves."

Robertson: William Hammesfahr, "a noted Nobel Prize winning neurologist," concluded that "she [Terri Schiavo] could swallow" and that she wasn't in a persistent vegetative state. "This was an execution." A few months ago I spoke at the National Press Club and I said then that my agenda is "judges, judges, judges." The "judiciary is out of control." That the district court judge in Florida "thumbed his nose at the United States congress is outrageous." It's "time those guys get reined back in. They're little petty dictators in black robes."

Robertson: We should give them "a 12 year term. Period. End of story and tell them good-by."

Robertson: "Democrats have filibustered a number of wonderful people. A black woman, a Hispanic immigrant, etcetera. Brilliant lawyers." Republicans "need to break that filibuster" and "get those people confirmed."

Comment: This wasn't about about Terri Schiavo after all, was it? It was about setting the stage to replace "activist judges" with "activist judges" who vote the way the fundamentalist "Christian" right wants them to vote.

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